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Boobies it is!!!! #hatersgonhate
This is not the right place for this. I don't know if there is a right place for this, but this is not it.
Okay so it went from "boobies" to love. Make up your mind. Or just don't make threads. Thatd be cool too.
From the description of this subforum:
Relationships, dating, love, sex, drama, etc. All conveniently contained in one place so the rest of us don't have to read it.
I figure this probably a fine place for it, Scoggles. I, for one, have no reason to want to comment on topic, but some might. I only find the title laughable.

Edit: Ahhh, I see OP has changed their post.
Well the original post was something about "boobies". I don't think its the wrong place for the thread, just the wrong title. He changed it after something was said.

Edit: Yeah.

Annnnnnnnd we're back to boobies.
Hey, guys, I found the thread.
Sorry the misunderstanding!!! :D
Can we vote this one off the island or....?
The tribe has spoken..... :(
They're nice, I suppose. Welcome to the forums, friend. Its a tad traditional, but try to use single punctuation marks and proper grammar while you're here if you are able. I hope you enjoy your stay.
I think it was more the mistitling that made it the wrong thread. The title is "Love," but the questions were all about the size and shape of breasts and nipples.

Is it Love, or is it Mammorex?
I think this belongs in here.
So this means that we can continue voting people off the island/ talk about boobies?
Sure, kiddos. This is the sandbox after all. The perfect place for absolute nonsense and it's all ours, so why not make use of it? Yes. Boobies are nonsense.
Moving to a totally unrelated topic because it's been boxed: Can I eat one of your brethren, Jax? We've got three kiwis held hostage and I'd like to eat them. ^_^
The new thread title deserves an award.
I concur. What shall the award be called?
My favorite thing about Survivor was always the tits...
My favourite thing is how they're all so majestically hairless. I guess when you travel to an isolated island, your hair follicles decide to take a break and your legs, eyebrows, and pits remain perfectly waxed.
At first I thought you meant the tits were hairless...
Omg haha, I did too.
Oh awkwaaaaaaaaaard. I mean "they" as in the people. >.>
I was also riding on that train of thought, ash. And then I saw the "pits" thing and I thought that either I wasn't reading it right or you had some anatomical confusion going on.
Yeah, I was worried for a sec. Like Ash uhh, how hairy are you...? XD
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