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This is a thread for all those times you have fun facts all nested up inside you, but no one to inform about these fun facts. This is not a thread for something like "Fun fact: I ate Honey Nut Cheerios for lunch this whole week. AND dinner." or "Fun fact: Here the other day hammered a guy to death. Lol."
So throw all those fun facts at me, yo.

Fun fact: In Iceland there is an insult called "kúkalabbi" which literally means "shit walker". And not in the "Man, that guy is shitty at walking" sense, but a literal shit. "Kúka" can mean "shit" (verb) or "shit" (noun.)
Now I'm not exactly clear on what this insult is supposed to imply. Perhaps the fact that the person walks as if they have shat themselves, or that the person is like a pile of shit walking the streets. Were I to try and translate this word to English, I would probably translate it to "Shithead" or "Dickbag".
Fun fact: In the Hispanic world, you're often considered a bad cook if the rice you make is clumpy or sticky.
But but... That's how rice is supposed to be...
False. That's poor cooking.

Well, rice is supposed to be kinda dry so that when you put the beans on it, it absorbs the bean juice and becomes perfect. Rice and beans is a staple.
I hate beans.

Isn't that the exact opposite of how rice is supposed to be in various Asian cuisines?
Yes. Precisely. There's Asian rice and there's Hispanic rice. Everything in between, aside from risotto, is wrong.
Cows have best friends. That always makes me happy and if it's a myth no one tell me.
Dolphins have accents depending on where they are from just like people.
They also call each other by name.
Dolphins are also the only other mammals that have sex for fun besides humans.
Yarn and Popsicle stick splints are a good choice to keep your finger straight if you cut yourself on a can on beans.
But why keep your finger straight if you only cut yourself?
Does that not risk cutting off circulation?
Fun fact, it doesn't matter as long as the yarn is a rainbow. Who needs circulation when you've got rainbows?!
People. People do.
I cut deep. The splint helps keep me from accidentally bending my finger, which makes it hurt and bleed.

The yarn itself was shortened with a certain looping method that makes it 1/3 the length and twice as thick before I actually wrap my finger. I don't wrapped it tight, and it's soft and squishy enough not to cut of circulation. I don't even tie it.
A better splint, especially for bleeding, would be to first wrap it gently in gauze, and then tape it to another finger. With medical tape, preferably, but masking tape will work too. Did it all of the time back in basketball for sprained fingers, and the gauze will help keep the wound clotted and dry.
That would have been more bothersome to do.

Plus it's right on the knuckle and any kind of bending made it bleed in the beginning. It's fine for the most part now.

Fun fact: if my mom gets really angry, she can black out and not remember doing things.
1. Octopuses can fit through any hole or space so long as it is big enough for their beak(located at the centre of the tentacles) because that's the only hard part of them.

2. Captain Morgan was a real guy and a badass

3. Colossal squid are actually not as long as giant squid but have wider and longer mantels and some other stuff.

I didn't intend for these to be all marine-based.
If you type
import antigravity
into the Python shell it opens your browser to the xkcd comic that references it. Found that while I was taking a Python course over the summer. I may have also seen it on Blake's Twitter. Sue me.
Fun fact: I can watch all the YouTube I want by connecting to the site over HTTPS. My guess is this works because (a) DNS requests are not filtered and (b) WebSense can't tell the difference between YouTube and Google - maybe they go through the same load balancers or some such.
Fun fact: you can do that YouTube thing if Lightspeed systems blocks it. Toadally didn't know about it for school computers......>_>
Once upon a time, logging in to my Google account (from any of their services) would subsequently disable WebSense filtering ENTIRELY. It was the weirdest thing. It must have been some specific combination of network configuration choices because where I am now, it doesn't work the way it did when I was at the place I was before.
Do any of you guys know the history of the secret service? Well, back during Lincoln's presidency the secret service was actually a government agency to track down counterfeiters. This was super important because when the union got back together, there was a lot of fake money floating around. After Lincoln's assassination, they tracked down this group of Irish counterfeiters and tried to take them to jail. The only got one guy, but he was the guy who made the templates for them and he was really good.

Well, this was a problem for our potato loving thieves. They thought of what they could steal that would make the secret service give up their comrade. So one day they visited a graveyard, specifically the one where Lincoln was buried. The grave-watch (or whatever they are called) gave them a tour and showed them Lincoln's tomb and what not. A few nights later, they went to get their catch. However, someone tipped off the secret service and they were waiting. They waited until they got inside Lincoln's crypt before they converged on them. They wanted to make sure they couldn't get away. Well, one of the service men accidentally fired a shot and everyone was tipped off. After the gun smoke cleared, the Irishmen were gone, and so was Lincoln's body.

After a while, the secret service finally tracked them down and captured them all. When they asked about Lincoln's body, they said, "We thought you nabbed it and hid it." This was rather confusing so they went back to the graveyard to see if they could find out where his body went. They ended up questioning the grave watch and he said, "Oh yeah! I thought someone was going to steal his body, so I stored him in my back room."

True story.
Hence why they were a part of the Department of the Treasury until Monsieur Bush created the DHS.
My brother wrote it into a movie script because he does that.
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