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Now, I know that some of you want to do this. This is where we throw bad poems! Write bad poems, talk in bad poems, feel the hate flow through you, link us to the worst poems you've ever seen, and last but not least, express yourself in intentionally bad poems!
Heck, I'm not even sure if intentionally bad poetry would technically count as poetry, but whatever.

I know that I for one, have found writing awful poetry way too much fun to resist. Let's jump right to it.

This thread
Is like
My insides.


All emotional Vocaroo readings of any bad poems gladly accepted.

these words
like a flower
and also
or something

There once was a man with a shoe.
He used it to walk to the zoo.
He bought some pie
and tried not to die
But ended up falling into the lion pit and getting mauled.
that man
wrenches my heart
makes me fear
for the deer
Oh hey, I am a bad person. I am comfortable in this thread. I'll do my best.

nothing ink

The papers are yelling
Feed Me

the pens are my chariots and i
am their master
Spit out your life
your entire life, they tell me
"ink shower, bitch"

nobody can see on white pages, baby,
And the illusion works
as long as you let it
Write it in stanzas and sprinkle lies
that only you believe
Nobody knows

The lamp laughs and I need protection
From this bazaar of melting rooms and withheld permissions
it knows my secret
ink is life
ink is love
This life, baby, must be the last. Page.

the pens are empty
the magic is no
no ink
nothing ink.
(A typical day in LoL)
Get rekt
Uninstall League
Miss shots
Fail ulti
Lose lane
Feed bot
Feed top
Rage quit
And repeat






Your eyes are sad
Like a puppy
Whose boy was kidnapped.
Your face is sad
like a face
that has to be

I hope your skin
feels singed
and that you need aloe vera
for that

My life is tru
A convulsing tightness in the chest of health food
Eat bacon, love.
So I just received a lovely game thing called haikubes for my birthday, where you roll the die and create haikus, but I just use them for interesting lines in poetry. Some are really bad and/or dirty too so it becomes pretty funny. I'm now gonna write a little haiku for y'all using some of the words I remember rolling. It's bad because it just is, okay?

His melodic thunder stick,
clever fantasy,
embraced my gorgeous love trunk

I will be playing for these for a while...
Oh my... Did it just get warm in here? :#
It sounds like the sex scene in Siddhartha. Ehehehehe
Oh my god yes. Someone step on a foot so we can hear about the ascention of his tree.
There's a review of the Haikubes online with the full word bank, y'all should check it out if you want. This is definitely a board game for writers if I ever saw one. So great. The only complaints I've found is that each die has one blank side (except the prompt die) and that there are some inappropriate words. Other than those two things which I am totally fine with, they're amazing. If you guys want me to write you more stuff from them, I could. Also, I am now using the phrase "gorgeous love trunk" in my everyday life.
That poem made me laugh so hard...if you make any more as great as this one, I'd be glad to read it. XD
Very poetic idioms--
or very idiotic poems.
I drank my absinthe tonight,
which I think makes one idiotic.
I do not often feel idiotically about you,
because I'm not sure that you would like me.
Perhaps by which I mean
to like me to think about you poetically.
When I do, I think it forced.
It seems against your nature
to poeticise you.
Oh electronics,
You thrilling wonder,
How you perplex me.

My brain is made
Of you, yet you
And I cannot learn
Your secrets.

I have swum
Against many currents
But none
As strong as yours,
Ranging up to
A few Ampères.

You make me feel
Like your
One moment as positive
As a person can be,
And then

Like an operational
I need feedback.
Give me.
Hodor hodor hodor
Hodor hodor
Hodor, hodor hodor

Hodor hodor hodor hodor?
Hodor, hodor hodor, hodor.
Hodor Hodor

Hodor: Hodor
This had to be done.
Like a diode, your poem is biased. It has its plusses and minuses, but there's definite potential.
Hahahaha. Awesome, gws! :D

Make-up breakup

Oh make-up
How I hate you
I loathe how society
Wants me...
No, begs me
To put you on myself
Slather you all over my face

I hide my true self
From time to time,
But you cannot
Cover anything that I want to hide
You are a fake thing
For a fake world
And that is not a world that I want to live in
This keyboard is like a thing with buttons that make letters.
The monitor is like a screen that displays imagery.
Imagery is cool to put in poetry.

To all based
Thank, you.
Beauty and pain,
Two sides of the same coin,
A lovers embrace,
Two sides of the same coin,
Tossed into the mendicant's cup.
All right. So I stumbled across a document on my computer called "Roses are red". If I remember correctly, I made it at a time when we were throwing out variations of the typical "Roses are red" in the chatroom. I can't remember if that document only has my creations in it, or if I wrote other people's work in there as well, but I decided that the document's contents belong in this thread. Here goes. Warning for some terribleness.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I feel like dying,
Since you did so too.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you dearly,
I wish that you knew.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My heart’s in this box,
I ripped it out for you.

Here comes my personal favourite
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I‘m nothing special,
And neither are you.
So the fact that we are drooling over each other like two idiots is completely incomprehensible.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Punk is dead,
And so are you.

Roses are red,
Violets are red,
Hey, these roses are white!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I need you dead,
So I can fuck you.
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