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I found this gem somewhere on the internet. What even is this?

I admit that Macromolecules are doozys
They weren't kidding when they called them "poly-mers"
But you'll find that now with this
You can memorize in a pinch
Polymerization of Macromolecules

And I fortunantly know a little magic
It's a talent that I always have posessed
And here latly- please don't laugh-
I use it on, well, half
Of my biochemistry test! (pathetic.)

big mol.
E cule.
This one A nucleic acid,
This one Lipid! this one carb.
Do I mem'rize them?
Yes protien.
Just a warning, I don't think lipids are actually considered macromolecules.

Nucleic acids, proteins, and carbohydrates are generally much bigger.

If your teacher says they are, though, just follow them I guess.
Pretty 'n pre-teen
Protean protein
Quite the little monster!
jaxxie said:
I found this gem somewhere on the internet. What even is this?

i love that of is italicized - thank you for this blessing sis
That's from 22 Jump Street. Here's the vid.

Your face is sad / like a face / that has to be / yours / I hope your skin / feels singed / and that you need aloe vera / for that / Burn.

Will be using Tinman's poem somewhere ... stay posted for updates

Edit: Thought I was reading this thread for the first time. Weird how i can just... not recognize my own writing? like it took reading my second post on the thread to remember i wrote the first post to the tune of frozen? And the 3rd to the tune of Poor Unfortunate Souls? Sitting in study hall Sophomore year? wack. ˜”*°• I am not who I was •°*”˜ Please tell me I'm not the only one with a poor memory has this happened to any of ya'll??
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