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I just posted a question about it, but I think it would be funny to start a thread about it too. So, tell me about the last time you sneezed, in great detail. This could get interesting.

Thread moved.

Update on sneezing will follow.
I sneezed an hour ago while driving. I think the snow inspired me. I currently feel yhe urge to sneeze.
The last time I sneezed was in this very room. I sneezed three times in a row, and I thought to myself "By golly. I sure to hope that I am not catching the illness that my classmate said she had come down with. She mentioned it being very contagious." Now at this point, I would like to mention that I have been playing Plague Inc. quite a lot lately, and so my sneezes fired me into deep daydreams of a plague starting its little life in Sweden, resulting in a pandemic that would finally kill of all humans.
The last time I sneezed was while I was in the process of saying goodnight to a Skype call full of twocanners.
The last time I sneezed was while I was double posting this post.
Is that why it was posted twice?
I usually sneeze in a horrible series of 15-20 sneezes in a row. I get really breathless and dizzy and people laugh at me. One guy saw me do it on the train and told me I should put it on YouTube.
I'd watch that video if you put it on youtube and sent the link.

The last time I sneezed was this morning while I was drinking a cup of orange juice. I unfortunately didn't realize that I was going to sneeze until too late. It took me an extra several minutes to clean up my face and the floor.
If everyone on earth lost the ability to sneeze simultaneously, how long do you think it would take everyone to realize?
I haven't sneezed at all since my last described sneeze. I think something's wrong with me.
I sneezed like 5 minutes ago.
Has anyone ever sneezed mid coitus? I'm not really sure what brought this to mind, but now that I've thought about it I really need to know if anyone has a story about this happening.
If a girl sneezed mid-secks, it would probably guillotine her partner.
But she'd have the tingly warning. Surely as soon as she felt that, she'd make him stop. "GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! Evacuate to a safety zone! AAAAH-CHOO"
2 seconds ago.
Grayseff said:
If a girl sneezed mid-secks, it would probably guillotine her partner.
I'm in pain just imagining it. So thanks for that.
This actually happened to someone. (not me)
Yo. Just sneezed

My fingers already look like that...
Gray, I will now forever be paranoid of my partner sneezing during sex...
Just sneezed three seconds ago.
I was playing War Thunder with a few friends earlier and I sneezed, and something weird happened.

I sneezed in the same call before, and got a bless you from one guy, then we added some random person to the call, and the next time I sneezed there was no bless you.

I sneezed today. This is important.
I can definitely feel a sneeze coming on.

There it was.
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