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Does have the potential to burn down a house.
Though it's not really clear what kind of dragon he is. Who's to say he can breath fire at all? And I don't see why a dragon would carry around matches.
I thought most dragons learned how to breath fire.
It depends on the dragon.
Maybe the reason that there are no dragons currently being observed is that only the non-firebreathing and non-dangerous ones survived, leading dragons to evolve into iguanas.
Or they went into hiding because there was less gold to steal.
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.

Or maybe How To Train Your Dragon is right, and they all went into hiding because humanity is fucked up

How to Train Your Dragon Spoiler^.
A tip: Spoilers don't hide it on the front page. (You can put it in a quote and it won't show up, though.)

Also, how is that a spoiler?
Have you read all twelve books?
Also, I don't see where it shows up.
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
No, but it doesn't really sound like one. It's not like Darth and Luke or who dies where in Game of Thrones. It's like saying "Darth's face is fucked up." Sure it's a spoiler, but does it really matter?
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
I think it is a big spoiler because you know something is going to happen to the dragons, but with the Dragon jewel and everything you think that they might have been wiped out or something. Instead, they realize humanity is not yet mature enough and descend to the icy depths. I think that is like spoiling the end of a book, like spoiling the whole thing about what happens at the end of Allegiant with the GPs and stuff, or like saying Tris dies. You spoil a major wrapping up of an entire series.
No clue about any of that. :/

But you also missed this:

Oh that's where it is. I don't think people really check my profile that much though.
It's on the main page, homie.
Oh. I thought that was screenshotted from profile.
Three of those were mine. :V
Plus the profile page looks different?
It looks the same. I didn't really look at the posts as well, but Blake uses basically the same thing for both pages, so when it was cropped it looked very similar.
Here is a picture of the profile page for comparison:
I'be been here 5 years man, I know what places look like.

To get back on topic, I'mma about to go full Dragon on some monsters.
What monsters?

I thought that drawing looked more like a moocow. Because of its square noseface
Dragons are tricky too draw.
It's a fair cop. I guess I should put my pencil where my, uh, keyboard is?
To be fair, did you see the first one?
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