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Have you tried making the mouth a circle? That might make it more dragon-y.

He doesn't approve.
That's what that's supposed to be? God, I've been going nuts trying to figure that out.
What, the emoticon or the picture?
I still don't understand the image.
The picture. It's meant to be a dragon, yes?
Yep. And he's angry about something.
At first, I thought it was an angry girl barfing out a frown
... I can see it.
Once seen, it cannot be unseen.
Which is why it's always a dragon for me. :P
It's like one of those optical illusions.
Frankly, what she thought it was is kinda funnier than what it is.

Also, TIL that microsoft paint still can't do transparency.

Yep. It's because of the dot-dot-dot.
Azkitt's just expressing himself. Anyway, how do you like that speech bubble? I wanna have cool looking speech bubbles, and not crappy looking stock ones.


It fits rather well! I only with it was shaded so it was kinda 3-D like the rest.

You do know what urban dictornary has to say about "pisswhistle", right? He said a naughty word.
I guess I could try to do that. It'd probably work better at proper tiny speech bubble sizes.

Top definition: an unpleasant person. That seems pretty alright.
I kept seeing stuff about penises, but "dick" does mean the same thing.

Also, you were buried from other posts. >.>
why are you talking about your dick
You're not gonna have much luck getting answers from 3+ year-old threads.
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