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You should probably move this to the sandbox
Ꭰ|a|1 Ꭶ|ga|quit running Ꮼ|ka|Kaberoni would be a good name for a rapper. Actually, probably not. Ꭽ|ha|Laughter is good for you most of the time Ꮤ|la|a note to follow so Ꮉ|ma|Grup groop greep Ꮎ|na|Sodium, get out of here! Ꮏ|hna|WTF? KISS, DARPA Ꮖ|qua|schtick to the basics Ꮜ|sa|the sa-ga begins Ꮣ|da|Russian for "yes" see also: nyet
Symbol|Sound|A magic fortune

We all knew this thread was inevitable.

Edit: these are (kind of) flashcards for learning (approximately 10) characters of the Cherokee Syllabary.
Are these threads real?
Missed Connections|True Last Post Wins!|False Day-Z|True Witchcraft|True I Hate Everything|False Beards (And other facial hair)|True Stories|True Deer...|False
Name|Really a thread

How well do you know your threads?
...Wait, what the hell? How long has this been a thing?
You don't read many threads do you?
The beginning of time, but Blake has kept it a secret secret.
Boxed. So boxed. I've boxed the box out of this thread.
So all we've got is sand?
Sand... and imaginary flash cards.
This Place|Sand|Absolutely No Boxes
So all we've got is sand?

You tell me
Anakin hates this|Sand In the movie Aladdin, princess Jasmine got trapped by Jafar in a functional device filled with this|Sand Sahara has tons of this|Sand Kids often play with this and even make castles out of it|Sand This is typically black on the coasts of volcanic islands|Sand Saudi Arabia imports this for construction, because their own cannot be used to make cement|Sand A mythical figure from German folklore puts children to sleep by throwing this in their eyes|Sand Only four beaches in the world have green _______|Sand You can buy a special version of this for your cat, instead of going to the beach and getting it yourself|Sand It is often said that ostriches stick their heads in this, even though they do not|Sand Sea cucumbers eat this, and then poop it out clean|Sand Some rays hide in this for defence|Sand Adding this to paper gives you an item that you might rub against a piece of wood|Sand Bags of this are used to protect against floods and gunfire|Sand ♫ Mister ____man, bring me a dream ♫|Sand During the classical and medieval time periods this used to be heated and poured on invading troops|Sand This is the principal component in common glass|Sand Sometimes this is quick. Then you might sink into it and die|Sand In the middle of misandry is|Sand You might think that a sandal is made for walking on this|Sand A which that is often eaten|Sand The last syllable of 1000|Sand & is made of a tumour, often accompanied by inflammation; pustule; varicose vein; pus, and ___|Sand
Wow, now sand seems cool.
I hate sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
Was waiting for that! ^
I generally make private categories and make threads for whatever I'm studying. e.g.
Kanji JLPT N5
日|ニチ ジツ - ひ -び|day, sun, Japan 一|イチ イツ ヒト. ひと-|one 国|コク ク|country 人|ジン ニン - ひと -り|person 年|ネン ト|year 大|ダイ タイ -オオ.イ おお- おお.きい|large, big 十|ジュウ ジッ ジュッ とお|ten 二|ニ ジ フタタ. ふた ふた.つ|two 本|ホン モ|book, present, main, true, real, counter for long things 中|チュウ アタ. なか うち|in, inside, middle, mean, center 長|チョウ オ なが.い|long, leader 出|シュツ スイ イ.ダ で.る -で だ.す -だ.す い.でる|exit, leave 三|サン ゾウ ミッ. み み.つ|three 時|ジ -ド とき|time, hour 行|コウ ギョウ アン オコ.ナ い.く ゆ.く -ゆ.き -ゆき -い.き -いき おこな.う|going, journey 見|ケン み.る み.える み.せる|see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible 月|ゲツ ガツ ツ|month, moon 後|ゴ コウ オク.レ のち うし.ろ うしろ あと|behind, back, later 前|ゼン -マ まえ|in front, before 生|セイ ショウ - い.きる い.かす い.ける う.まれる う.まれ うまれ う.む お.う は.える は.やす き なま なま- な.る|life, genuine, birth 五|ゴ イツ. いつ|five 間|カン ケン あいだ ま あい|interval, space 上|ジョウ ショウ シャン ヨ. うえ -うえ うわ- かみ あ.げる -あ.げる あ.がる -あ.がる あ.がり -あ.がり のぼ.る のぼ.り のぼ.|above, up 東|トウ ヒガ|east 四|シ ヨ よ よ.つ よっ.つ|four 今|コン キン イ|now 金|キン コン ゴン -ガ かね かな-|gold 九|キュウ ク ココノ. ここの|nine 入|ニュウ ジュ ハイ. い.る -い.る -い.り い.れる -い.れ|enter, insert 学|ガク マナ.|study, learning, science 高|コウ タカ.メ たか.い たか -だか たか.まる|tall, high, expensive 円|エン マロ.ヤ まる.い まる まど まど.か|circle, yen, round 子|シ ス ツ こ -こ|child, sign of the rat, 11PM-1AM, first sign of Chinese zodiac 外|ガイ ゲ そと ほか はず.す はず.れる と|outside 八|ハチ ヨ や や.つ やっ.つ|eight 六|ロク リク ム む む.つ むっ.つ|six 下|カ ゲ オ.リ した しも もと さ.げる さ.がる くだ.る くだ.り くだ.す -くだ.す くだ.さる お.ろす|below, down, descend, give, low, inferior 来|ライ タイ く.る きた.る きた.す き.たす き.たる き|come, due, next, cause, become 気|キ ケ いき|spirit, mind 小|ショウ ちい.さい こ- お- さ|little, small 七|シチ ナ なな なな.つ|seven 山|サン セン ヤ|mountain 話|ワ はな.す はなし|tale, talk 女|ジョ ニョ ニョウ おんな|woman, female 北|ホク キ|north 午|ゴ うま|noon, sign of the horse, 11AM-1PM, seventh sign of Chinese zodiac 百|ヒャク ビャク モ|hundred 書|ショ -ガ か.く -が.き|write 先|セン マ. さき|before, ahead, previous, future, precedence 名|メイ ミョウ - な|name, noted, distinguished, reputation 川|セン カ|stream, river 千|セン|thousand 水|スイ みず みず|water 半|ハン ナカ.|half, middle, odd number, semi-, part- 男|ダン ナン おとこ|male 西|セイ サイ ス ニ|west, Spain 電|デン|electricity 校|コウ キョ|exam, school, printing, proof, correction 語|ゴ かた.る かた.らう|word, speech, language 土|ド ト ツ|soil, earth, ground, Turkey 木|ボク モク き こ|tree, wood 聞|ブン モン き.く き.こえる|hear, ask, listen 食|ショク ジキ ハ. く.う く.らう た.べる|eat, food 車|シャ クル|car 何|カ なに なん なに- なん|what 南|ナン ナ ミナ|south 万|マン バン ヨロ|ten thousand 毎|マイ -ゴト. ごと|every 白|ハク ビャク シロ. しろ しら-|white 天|テン あまつ あめ あま|heavens, sky, imperial 母|ボ はは も|mama, mother 火|カ ひ -び ほ-|fire 右|ウ ユウ ミ|right 読|ドク トク トウ -ヨ. よ.む|read 友|ユウ ト|friend 左|サ シャ ヒダ|left 休|キュウ やす.む やす.まる やす.める|rest, day off, retire, sleep 父|フ ちち|father 雨|ウ あめ あま- -さめ|rain
That's... A lot.
What is box happening...
Also note that you can use keyboard shortcuts for the buttons.
Could this be a dramatic new way to post spoilers?|Harry kills Hagrid, but Hermione was dead the whole time!!!!!!
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Can you easily read this? Could you avoid reading it if you tried?
Yes. No.
secret said:
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Personally, the quote and spoiler work just fine. Especially since it has the "secret" as the username.
Maybe the almighty blake could make something like a show/hide button. The existing spoiler format works, but is a bit cumbersome. Basically, no trace of the text shows, until you press show, and then it is perfectly legible.
Example (I'm sure Blake could do it better).
Says no as he does it. XD
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