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Which celebrity/celebrities do you have an attraction to?
Goddamn it! Someone taught you to make a thread!
We don't need no rebellion, we need a law man...
Lol. He's certainly banned.
You'd think after all the other crap in the Q&A, but still now.
Also note the contents of the blurb.
Jesus christ! This dude again! It's like playing Whack-a-mole. It's not even like Jazz Jennings is some model. She is a transgender rights activist/youtuber. That is a really weird person to obsess over.
Troll, Lang.
I know. I'm am just starting to get annoyed, even though I know it's what they want.
Well, think about what life they must have if this is what they choose to do with it.
Life as a ruthless dictator of North Korea gets stressful sometimes. Maybe this is Kimy's way to vent.
I was going for a more "actual person" angle, but whatevs.
Not very attractive.
Not gonna lie, I had no clue who you guys were talking about, and I assumed she was a porn star.

But I'm with JRob on this one.
And to answer the question: Xtina Aguilera and Selena Gomez are my current 1 and 2.
Chris Evans
1980s Tom Cruise
Female is Christina Hendricks. Those curves, those lips, mmm babe.
LOL. I just read a post about "ladyfapping" to Chris Evans.
did I write it
Why, yes. I believe you did.
thought so
He is a very handsome fella.
he would absolutely hate me until his 4th shot
haha. I'm still on Christina. Or rather I wish I was. ;)
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