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Thread for testing your theories and what the six, COUNT THEM, SIX, dots are.
If you get it here don't forget to edit your post so as not to spoil the secret.

Also can a mod sandbox this
I vote we discuss the dots here but only put our theories to the test in other threads to make them a little harder to track.
Or perhaps what we've already tried and has failed.
Where were the six dots announced?

Edit: Blake moved the thread.

Edit: nope, wut?
They were not but since I noticed the newest dot that appeared was zomg_what_is_it5.png
We all went to
This spot
The dots were not all announced. We found them by checking their image files.
Lol I am so bad at technology for a moderator.
Luckily being an admin doesn't require coding skills)
What's this?

Edit. It is not for ending with a question mark or starting with capital W
Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow

Edit: If you have a dot, can you see it yourself?
Apparently no dots for using every letter in a sentence.
Not for using a letter... or all of the letters...

And no, you cant see your own dot
Meh, I think I'll just laze about and see if the dots come to me by their own volition.
What about two question marks in a post? Does that get a dot?
That's not all of it but you just. Now got the dot.
Yeah. I'm not sure if it's the double ? But copying Meows post did not give me the dot.
dude, not fair

I have a dot?!!!

You have a blue dot... What color is mine?

I am thinking perhaps it has to do with having 6 words that end in the letter 't'
Nah, posting Meow's post would have triggered that. Maybe it has something to do with activity outside of the forum?
I haven't done anything else but the forum.. I do think it has to do with Meows post, cause Blake quoted it when giving out the dot.

Is mine green?
If someone figures out the rules for the green dot and especially the red dot, I will be surprised.

By the way, I'm testing yellow, purple, red right now. They should be available in the next few hours.
Will you tell us if we guess it right??
Yes. Your dot is indeed green. Not plant green but a bright green dot.
Oh goodness, this is exciting!!

BLAKE: Do you get the green dot for having a current post count that is consecutive digits? Mine was 567.
Perhaps I may indeed gain the dot for this?
Nope, you still only have the blue dot.
Will you tell us if we guess it right??

No. You must prove it with SCIENCE.
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