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Blake said:
Will you tell us if we guess it right??

No. You must prove it with SCIENCE.

This should do it too.
Still no green dot...
These things always bugged me. In a good way, mind you, but the way they seem so random always tugged at my mind. I seriously have no clue as to how any of them work.
One fish two fish red fish blue dish
Three dot green.
So I wanted to see, since meow used one, and you used two, if three would trigger it
Try copying my post. Perhaps Meow altered her his post in some way.
What about two question marks in a post? Does that get a dot?

pretty sure meow is a dude.
No :/
I'm thinking it has to do with the number of posts, or maybe the time stamp? Or is somehow related to the post before it..
I think, at Blake's suggestion this dot doesn't have to do with time.
Curse this infernal puzzle
What of his post makes you think that?
I messaged him actually
Did he give any hints?
So I'm thinking it has to be something dynamic, because posting the same text as the one that got the dot doesn't cut it.
Post count maybe, or maybe a formula for characters used.
Also, dots come and go, from what I can tell. They're not like things you collect over time. They're fickle, like romance.
You know, I've spent a lot of time participating in and/or watching team-building and problem-solving exercises. It never gets old.
Right, the dots move to whoever most recently met the criteria for them. Which is why copying the post should get you any static criteria generated by the post.
yellow, red, and purple have been released into the wild.
Excellent! Thus begins my quest to find them all and fuse into the megazord!
Or Captain Planet
So I take it you didn't like the idea of the InsiDot XD
I wasn't having nearly as much fun with green as I thought I would so I changed the rules for it.
I am caught in the Paradox of wanting to ask what it was but also not wanting too much information...
You can ask but I won't tell :)
Is it in a similar vein though?
Not one bit.

Although you don't know the original rule for green, so this does not help.
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