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WEEB#1 said:
Do you think anyone can use the inspect element and find out what the requirements are? Just a possibility.

Nah, AFAIK dot swappage is done server-side, on the PHP backend. So there's no way to steal the rules short of physically breaking into the server farm and trying to access the source.

In unrelated news, I'm breaking COVID regulations to fly to Seattle with a crowbar.

It's also ironic that Fatty was one of the few people to be running the tracker, and yet apparently wasn't running it when he wrote the post that triggered the dot.
Fatty the fat guy had the pink dot after i said the naem of spam_19, the current owner of the pink dot at the time, he got the dot. does that have anything to do with it?

(EDIT): im getting unreliable results, i should have the dot tracker running when im doing this.
Unsure. He might've acquired it while writing another post, or it could've been the result of activity somewhere else on the forum. Hence why keeping the tracker open is a priority while testing theories.

Question : Did the dot trigger on the first or second post? Perhaps your double post shame on you could've played into it, and the name thing is just a coincidence?
Im gong to try to double post
I turn on the tracker, nothing happens, I fully shut down my computer, pINk DoT. Now I know what frustration and excitement at the same time feel like
lol, that's great. I feel like salmongoflopflop triggered it.
Blake said:
Pink, on the other hand, is...just... *makes chef kissing motion with hand*

See, this makes me think it's not going to be as easy as purple or yellow. So it's probably more advanced than just saying a name or double-posting. On the bright side, he's said it's not going to be as mean as red.

It also makes me think it's an evolving or sensitive system. Ergo, a post that triggered pink once may fail to trigger it again, because, in triggering it, some criteria was affected.

If Pink=Fwip and Gray=Grayseff (or Coldfrost), it might be best to add an add-on to the tracker than can notice specific things about them, like post count or activity. It might also just mean that Blake let them pick the rules.

Hmm, Fwip is on right now. Maybe she logged on at the same time that Spam's name was said, which caused it to switch? Or maybe a post coincided with her doing something/one of her stats, which triggered the dot?
Now I have to let my screen run overnight to keep the scanners connected. What is life.
Eh, you don't have to. Theoretically, dots will only switch when the forum is active and posts are being made. Since the forum is pretty much dead overnight, you don't really have to run the scanner at all.
When is overnight? I live in California
This is gonna get real intresting. Man i regret not having the tracker open.
Also, do i put in the link of a thread or just the forum in the dot tracker?
When is overnight? I live in California

Same here. 11-6 PST seems to be a deadzone for the forum, mostly.
11 PM or AM?
But having said that, if it turns out I'm wrong and the dot swaps in the middle of the night, I'm going to be PISSED
I go by AWST (australian western standerd time), so my night is probaly differnt from yours.
I now feel like it had something to do with Fatty the fat guy going offline...
Yeah, you're 15 hours ahead of us. So you'll probably have the afternoon scanning shift while we're asleep.

Man, I can't help but feel that the scanner kind of ruined the magic of the game and ripped it into a scientific study.

Welp, I suppose I can't help it. I am a killjoy, after all.
Also, do i put in the link of a thread or just the forum in the dot tracker?

Shoot, forgot to address this. It's the link to any forum page with a post by the dot-holder.
I wonder if spam knows anything about the pink dot with the amount of times he seems to have taken it.

  • I didn't even notice that I had it since 1.5 days ago, so no, I don't know how I got it.
  • I am not a he.
  • And to help people figure this out, this is the first forum message I've posted that wasn't in one of the counting games, I only ever post there.
So if that's the case, is it triggered by some sort of number? What has Fatty done recently?

Also on a side note, I had my tracker running for pink but my computer decided to kill itself overnight so that was nice.
I said oh no after Blake said that pink dot would be harder to get. Then I asked when Twocans was made. Then I went offline.
Chotano has pink dot now
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