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DO what the fuck ever
Hell yeah, now we can have and ACTUAL twocans chat. woo

Now people can understand our inside jokes
oh boy!
*two days later* is registered as "Adult" nerdave: NOOOOOO
To the sandbox!
That works! lol.
Welcome to the NerdCave
N3rd cave
Alright time to explain,

SomeKiddo- sad.gottem
CrazyMan- Zack
KillerKeemBear-Rub (Rob)
ProfessorSadHam- Me

we were all in a mighty empire and society called the NerdCave... and then it died

Use this chat to talk about pretty much anything whether it's Comics, TV shows, or life rants.

For example... the Punisher is getting released on Netflix and Thor Ragnorok is out tomorrow. Who's hyped?
It looks pretty good but when it comes to movies it isn't the one I'm most hyped for
Thor is the second (to the Hulk) weakest link in the Marvel CU. All of his movies have been really dull and just kind of lukewarm. I think/hope this movie will turn that around.
I have never been much excited about Thor (actually last time I was but that more for Christopher Eccleston than the movie itself) but this time I am genuinely excited! So far all I have heard is good things about this movie and I love the sense of humour that Taika Waititi brings.
Haha im going to go see it as soon as i can
I'm going this Saturday and It's critically the best one out there. Think Guardians of the Galaxy meets Thor and hulk. The reason why it's called Ragnarok is that it's a rebirth for Thor as the character and for the movies. And for the MCU as a whole now that they want to do more team-up movies. It's basically World War Hulk + Ragnorok + Guardians + Cosmic Marvel.
oh I hope you are excited

should we explain a joke?
Im going to day, should come see it today with me instead
Oof, can't. We already planned tickets for Thor and Justice League
sad. But Crisis on Earth X, the DCTV crossover, is this month and I'm hyped.
banned because thats not a link
lol jk
uuuuh I should've made it a link rip
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