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How do you get the spoiler text box thing, do you just quote it from the last place you saw it?
The tag is < spoiler > without the spaces, if I recall correctly. Let's find out with a practice run...

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
It turns out that Darth Vader is Luke's dad, Luke loses a hand, and Leia is force sensitive
Like this
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
I am testing the spoiler function
Great. Just remember that the spoiler tag only hides the text on the thread page, so if you want to post a spoiler, include a bit of buffer text.
And by "bit of text," they mean "Preamble to the Constitution."
Something of that length... Or the thing itself... Both would work, though the post I made with a spoiler for Empire has plenty. This one does as well, so... Here is your actual answer:

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Luke doesn't want to train Rei. She is persistent. He gives her 3 disappointing but honest lessons. Rei pulls a Luke and goes to Kylo in hopes of turning him. Tired of being controlled by Snoke, Kylo sneaks an attack and usurps the power. Rei runs away from him.

Meanwhile, Finn goes on a sidequest with a random nobody. The resistance have been whittled down to almost nothing and are trying to escape several star destroyers. They manage to bide time long enough to send escape transports to Salt Hoth, and most transports get blown to bits. In a last ditch attempt to save people, the interim leader light speeds into the First Order ships.

On Salt Hoth, the resistance hide in a cave with crystal foxes. Luke shows up. McGuffin battle ensues. They escape. The end.
hey im the nerdcave include me nerds ree
I claim your soul.
Reee welcome to the nerd cave
Im joining this thread.

you cant claim my soul i am claiming my own soul
Hey, glad to know this isn't dead since I can't access gmail
ok so its called nerd cave, how much nerd?
like you wear a starwars shirt type or you are just smart or you do geometry problems as a form of entertainment type or something else
this is made up of entertainment nerds I guess
so star wars shirts I guess
Well screw you im gonna tell you how to find the center of a circle

if one line is drawn through a circle (preferably close to the edge), and a perpendicular line is drawn extending through the circle from the center of the line segment, which can be found by creating 2 circles from each intersection of the circle and the line, then connecting where the two circles intersect, do this one more time with a line segment starting at the intersection of the original circle and the first line, connecting to a different point on the circle, then create one more ray perpendicular to the center of the second line segment. Where the 2 rays intersect is the center of the circle.
The final product will look something like this, with the center in gold and the origanal circle in blue:
math gay lol
im sorry waaaht
I agree with guyguy, math is cool, stay in school lol
cool proof.
Do you remember how to draw a golden rectangle?
Golden rectangles are cool.
l l
l l
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edit: wtf happened it was a rectange
Hello, I also now exist in the nerd cave

What shall we speak of?
hmmm what are you a nerd of
guyguy said:
l l
l l
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edit: wtf happened it was a rectange

I think when you post, any space that's longer than 1 character is shortened, and dashes (-) make bulleted lists
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