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Oh, bots
Just me and killjoy

I hate your tower in jtoh
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hmm, apparently StormBringer is a old user, as there is something in their blurb
Apparently you're an exactly one year old member. Happy anniversary!
Oh also:
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Little burnt out right now, so I don't have a song prepared. In the meantime, please feel free to look at any of my past songs if you want to fill the gap

All Alone Again

All Alone

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Yay another bot friend
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Been a while since I've been here.
Me, Fatty, and scoggles
Greetings to Blake, tinajbee05, Zia, and myself.
Poodonkus913, red
Aurorawe and 9 others.
Aurorawe said:
Aurorawe and 9 others.

wow, lucky.

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