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Dibs on Carsity2007's soul
Dibs on...

Dibs on evergreen.
Dibs on evergreen.

I'd be surprised if it was available, but you never know.
I suck at soul claiming aaaa
The trick is to get in quick when you spot someone new.
Also I wanted to mention that somehow I convinced evergreen that his name implies that his soul is evergreen as well and is open to being claimed by anyone and everyone. Somehow.

So you are allowed to have evergreen, nightshadow.
DIAV said:
Dibs on evergreen.

I'd be surprised if it was available, but you never know.

Actually, I think DIAV has my soul. Unless someone else is borrowing it right now. I'm kinda disorganized.

As for multiple people claiming my soul, I suppose it's a good idea to split my soul into multiple shares. Does 8 sound good? 4 for DIAV, 2 for Vampire, 1 for NightShadow, and 1 more up for grabs?
Nope. Souls are indivisible.

I suppose shared ownership is possible, but that would have to be initiated by the current holder - you can't just re-allocate yourself.
Sounds fair.
You have no reason to give up my soul, so it all sticks with you, I guess.
There is an attempt to change the setup. See The Claimed Soul

Dibs on Liv.
diav we're literally sharing claims on a soul right now
Your point?
๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ tea
Dibs on...

Dibs on DillonB
Bots don't have souls lol
They're still claimable, I'd say.
I've definitely done it before
Dibs on...

Dibs on Wyyca21
Do you have to call dibs in this thread? If so, I may not own like 38,000,000,000 of my souls
You don't have to do it in here, it is just really helpful for all parties involved if you do. You can check this thread to ensure the soul you intend to claim hasn't been claimed yet, and others can do the same.
Since this thread was introduced, that's pretty much been the standard. Before that, obviously, claims were made anywhere.
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