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Thedagman said:
where is the search?

you press on the forums section and there should be a 'search posts' options next to 'mark all posts as read'
yeah i found it
I claim azerty
Maybe not?
i searched them they aren't claimed
the post I just made is the only post in ClAiMeD sOuLs that the search came up with
yeah, okay.
I attempt to claim SANS .
no im serious. that is the only post the search came up with
I claim Mr david
I claim KhmerK
I claim...


please verify
i claim Shorelines
i claim Alphonse509
User: brrbrrtoocold

First soul yay. GIVE ME YOUR SOULS
mine. and someone else.
I attempt to claim James.c2273 .
And kindacringebro1 .
And MillieRay777 .
Theghost I claim
Thedagman said:
no im serious. that is the only post the search came up with

Search does not show all posts when there are a lot.
This thread is recent. I'm pretty sure they will have been claimed.
And they may have been claimed in a post that didn’t have their name in it
Thedagman said:
i claim Alphonse509

Already claimed. Though after the account changeover, I'm unsure if Zia still wants it.
Holy shit that's an old post. I guess I'm just a hipster at heart.
Don't know why I dug so far to prove a point. I guess I just have a deep reverence for an irrelevant game based on a pointless and unregulated in-joke.

Double-claims are no joke
It took me 10 minutes, but I knew I wasn't crazy. I had thought Azerty had been claimed already in a thread I had been playing in, and I finally found it!

Azerty goes to DIAV if nobody has proof of claim before him.

Moral of the story : Don't use "search posts" for proof of a lack of claim. And don't focus on older users because claims are likely already invalidated
Thank you!
Thank you for finally proof!
Seriously doubted that people would forget to claim a soul as old as his.
Though at some point I'm going to have to stop disputing claims. It takes more effort to dispute one claim then it does to make ten, but I'd just appreciate it if we all agree from now on that claiming users who older than you is off the table.

If this is agreed upon, I'll give spirit their soul back since their account is older than mine
I don't think a blanket ban is appropriate. For example, thedagman made a very good spot to claim Alphonse509 (registered 2011) and I think that should stand.

The key category is active longer-standing users, where there is a reasonable presumption that they are already claimed.
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