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so, why would you register but never log in?
like the new pfp, kylljoy
i claim:
:P (url is just P not :P)
ɐɾxǝʞ (url is just x not ɐɾxǝʞ)

yes all of those are real accounts that I did not create. I went through the entire alphabet and tried to find all of the accounts I could with only one-letter urls.
I attempt to claim A_Butt .
And Chloe.bruhh .
And Daniel Ma is BACK! .
And Lukas StormBlade .
Dibs on
  • colorado
The Goddess of the Hunt claims her own soul.
you are very intelligent, arty
i attempt to claim E7
i claim my own soul
I attempt to claim AshDies .
And ii.boron.ii .
And T H I R S T Y M A N .
I'm Kylljoy's alt, preserving the 2019 post count for now. I'll post my next post Jan 1st

I claim my own soul, and transfer it to Hamtart as necessary.
Dibs on
  • The.Man_Uel
  • meamme
I attempt to claim DeleteDerpy .
And WalnutSenpai .
Dibs on
  • clammy hands
I attempt to claim band of horses . never mind.
Wyyca21 said:
I attempt to claim band of horses .

Mine (Oct 8, 2019)

Dibs on
  • random person
  • PokiTheGhost
I attempt to claim Ellemnop .
I’m being an idiot right now.
I think DIAV has my soul.
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  • Poka
I claim alexandra116
I attempt to claim sans12345 .
there's a lot of souls up for grabs today, apparently. hiphopet or whatever being one of them.
srsly though i bumped into like 5 on my way here in the answer tab
Dibs on
  • ben dover
  • Sebastian44
  • jzaruta
  • elliemvan
i dont get to claim any souls sadface
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