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nope he got himself
and i have my own soul as well.
Donut said:
I claim myself bye
I thought you were Kylljoys?
Kylljoy said:
With the powers vested in me, I hereby relinquish my ownership of Donutmanman1's soul and transfer ownership rights to them as needed.
Blond genug.
I attempt to claim Galener .

Also, genug?
Blond - fair
Genug - enough,
I’m pretty sure “blond” only means fair in the sense of blonde or fair-haired.
I know. That's the joke.

Dibs on
  • Pwicka
  • jDanger
I attempt to claim cordellstoll .
Claimed by tc3692
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  • SheenEstevez12_
I'll take Courascant99 if nobody else has
What does it mean if someone claimed my soul? Do I have to do something?
No. It’s just an achievement for them.
That’s it. Just a name to add to a collection.
Ok, cool. So I could just claim any name I want as long as it isn't already?
Essentially, yes.
I’m already claimed, as is the person that claimed you. If they’re here, they’re claimed already.
Ok. I will claim PoikiChoi if no one else has


ok theyre already claimed
Nope - already owned by Thedagman.

There is a lot of competition and new arrivals tend to be snapped up fast. You can generally assume that anyone who has been here longer than you has already been claimed. There is a search function at the top of the forum - please use that to check before posting here.

Happy hunting.
ok thanks for helping a new guy!
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  • Jimmy Neutron
Dibs on johnny upgrade :P jk
If not already claimed, I claim the user by the name of "A Sac"
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  • bored_cookie
shoot, i am a little bit late, just a bit
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  • carlalopez3620
  • TheGBP_offical
  • Smelly.Gant
  • supergreatawesome123
  • ediepie
  • skeleboy
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