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Fatty has pink dot.

Blake, TotallyNotJaxon
what thread and which message?

I'm assuming it will be his most recent message, since the pink dot didn't trigger long before that.

EDIT: WOAH, Wycca has pink now!
The three messages she sent in the interval between your post and my post were:

“. . . I think I’ll keep them for right now, sorry. I know someone else who would appreciate these better, hopefully.
Sorry to keep you waiting so long.”


and 836

I don't know which message would cause the jump though. It could possibly be a trigger that Wycca has to say to make pink jump?
Unless it's like red, in that it has nothing to do with what she said, but what someone around her said

Or it's something new, where Fatty said something to give her the dot, like a hot potato
so, check the where wyyca's and fatty's post intersect.
Maybe a certain amount of time elapsed between someone’s posts on the thread?
Because I know the first message was quite overdue.
didn't blakey though say that only red had a time delay ?
No, I mean, as an example:
[]- 8 days ago.
[]- 0 days(triggered pink dot, in this system)
Wycca, maybe try saying one of the names of someone in this thread? Test out the hot potato hypothesis?

I'm going to assume that the Gender Race and Kinderrace posts don't have anything to do with this dot, since it would have been triggered a while back anyways.

Blake also mentioned that it had something to do with the color pink as well, so that could be checked out.

Sorry sorry?
that wouldn't explain how fatty got it though

EDIT: ...nope.
What if it wasn't what Wyyca/Fatty said, but what someone else said that gave it to her? Like, if she replied to a certain post or someone said something X amount of posts below her?
is there a certain thread where both Wycca and Fatty were talking at about the same time?
Dang, y'all give up on the pink dot already?
I think because we're having trouble finding the trigger for it, we're playing a waiting game until we have a sizable enough post count to find the rule (or until we can find the actual posts triggering it)

Either that, or people are just not using the forum as much and are a little distracted given everything going on right now.

So I'd say not giving up, per se, but biding our time
spam_19 now has pink, im now thinking more that it has something to do with gender race mebbe
or numbers
Is there more than 6 dots?
There are now twelve, although grey hasn't been triggered yet.
i had 2 dots but now they are gone what happend
Someone stole them from you!
What are these dots?
of the dots of a dot of dotty dot of dot
also how do they "steal" dots
WEEB#1 said:
What are these dots?

They're a little forum feature Blake added. When someone posts something with certain criteria, they'll receive a dot, and there can only be one copy of each dot (so when you get a dot, you 'steal' it from whoever had it before you). They're a bit of a forum meta-game, because the rules are only known to Blake (and maybe the mods, I think?) and we've got to figure out the rules by tracking which posts trigger the dots and figuring out the core triggering criteria via reverse-engineering.

So far, we've figured out the rules of 4 of the dots of this "season", and we were told the rules of another 6 by Blake at the conclusion of the last "season".

We currently know the rules of : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Black, White, Brown, Cyan

We are figuring out Pink

We have not seen Gray in the wild yet.

also how do they "steal" dots

They make a post that has the triggering criteria for the dots. Then the dots get removed from you and given to them.
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