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I'd probs do it
I could run the dot tracker on mine.
Okay, I'm working on adding extra features (like checking a specific user's post count or activity time) and making it more reliable (currently it's having trouble tracking down who the dot switches to, so it can usually log only one swap event), but it's currently working to a decently acceptable level.

The dot tracker will track one dot of any color per instance. If desired, multiple tabs can be set up, all tracking different dots. All you have to do is configure it in a tab of your browser, initiate the scan and it should run in the background as you do other things and will automagically log a change when it happens, as well as the time of the swap and the latest post to the forum at the time of dot-swappage.

This program cannot distinguish a new post from an edited post. Ergo, if a user edits a dot-worthy post and is granted the dot, this program will still assume it's the latest post that triggered it and will log it as such. There is no known way I can detect edited posts.

This was all programmed in about an hour at 1AM so forgive me if it's not the most reliable or user-friendly. Javascript is not a language I'm super familiar with.

The Dot Tracker

The setup is simple.

  • Select Dot Color
  • Copy and paste the address to any page on the forum that contains a post by the current owner of that dot
  • Click the test scan button. If the user's name appears in the label, everything's configured correctly.
  • Click "Initiate Scan" ONLY ONCE. It will begin polling roughly once a second continuously as long as the tab is open in your browser's background. Any changes to the dot's position will appear in the log below.
  • That's it! Make sure to occasionally check the log to see if a change was detected, but other than that you can just do whatever else you want while it's running. Just make sure the computer doesn't fall asleep and you don't accidentally reload or close the tab.

I'll be maybe working on getting a Gen 2 set up, with added bells and whistles. But don't hold your breath on it.

EDIT : Also, it's almost entirely asynchronous calls, which hopefully shouldn't be a problem, but if updates happen rapid-fire, they might appear out of order. Hence the timestamps, which are important!
What happens if you click initiate scan multiple times?
Will it possible to automatically input the results of the scans into a spreadsheet in a future update?
aprzn123 said:
What happens if you click initiate scan multiple times?

In theory, nothing besides slowing your computer down ever so slightly. It just starts another scanning process, which means there will be two concurrent calls happening at the same time (effectively the same as having two browser tabs open scanning the same thing at the same time). Since there's no point in doing that, I figured it's better to stress that the scan will happen automatically and that there's no need to hit the button more than once.

Will it possible to automatically input the results of the scans into a spreadsheet in a future update?

I'm going to say no, simply because I don't want to futz around with the Google Sheets API (and I'm not even sure you can write to sheets using that API). I could just have it dump into a database somewhere using PHP and fetching GET calls on a free webhosting service, but that's too much work. So for now, no. Maybe if I decide I really want to work on this for some reason.
Thanks (why didn't I think of scanning green?)
I wonder if spam knows anything about the pink dot with the amount of times he seems to have taken it.
Maybe...we should probably ask him.
My guess is Spam has no idea how they're triggering it (given that it seems to be sporadically triggered). Are we sure they've taken it more than once, or is it possible that nobody has taken it from them since they've triggered it?
Have any of the dots moved lately?
Of the known rules, white was bouncing between Mrkldrky and I while I was testing the tracker. Jaded seems to be hoarding brown and cyan, mostly because those have rare triggers.

Gray has yet to leave Omni and enter the wild.

Pink seems to be stuck on Spam atm.
Blue, black, and green don't seem to have moved since I started scanning
Unfortunately the gray dot is starting to get harder to trigger.
oh no
Also, where can I find Omni?
Here You Go
When was Twocans made?
Random theory,what if you get the pink dot by mention its current owner? Somebody said on the previous page of this forum the exact name of the pink dot owner and had the pink dot, so what if that is the rule?

ok nope
ill start repeating my previous test with the dot tracker open
What do you think you found out, salmongoflopflop?
this is a test
Fatty the fat guy
Do you think anyone can use the inspect element and find out what the requirements are? Just a possibility.
Probably not as this is web-based.
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