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I claim the soul of iprefertoremainanonymous and TheMan2
I hereby claim the soul of Cephandrius Maxtori. Come at me.
First post, he sneaks in and claims his own soul before anyone is aware of his existence. Outstanding move. Hey, I'm curious, I've been around for awhile, who claimed my soul back in the day, does anyone even remember? I don't.
I claim my own soul. Not gonna make that mistake again.
im afraid that someone already owns your soul. and you only have one anyways
the basic fundamentals of soul stealing.
ah. alright then.
who knows, maybe DIAV will step in and prove us wrong. haven't seen him in awhile though.
Imma birthday-claim sweetos.
I could have, but I figured I’d let you all get to them first, or give them a chance to clam their own soul.
I met them on discord, and sent them to the site.

your soul is mine now
i claim the soul of pogchamp_2
I claim my own soul
I put my soul up for debate
Sike! I claim my own soul!
e-bag said:

You might be the impostor but you will not take me alive.
Ah, darn. I should have made you pay for the PFP with your soul.
Tbh thats a great price
Ah well.
I claim KilfaseKib's soul
I also claim Hawt NERD's soul
I claim the soul of Eender Daregon

i've almost got the tactical nuke
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