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I have a request for the president.

Can we absorb the country of awesomeness as a puppet state to prevent Bronco's country of justice from annexing it instead?

Bronco is your opponent after all...
Wait, are you trying to steal my land?
No. Do you not understand the meaning of puppet state?

We will continue to recognize you and ahsker as separate leaders of separate nations.

Also what say do you have? Country of justice was made because you didn’t like losing the election. That’s grounds for civil war.
And nobody likes war.
Join this game if you want me to form a nation.

[Revamped] The World of TwoCans: Nations, Empires, Diplomacy, WAR!!!

Note: Not too many people. Don't flood the thread. I'm the only one plugging in numbers and calculating so if you can't absolutely commit yourself, you'll find your nation go POOF!
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