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(musically) Tuesday afternoooon.
Sorry, I have events on tuesdays.
Ah, sorry. Maybe some other time.
Hey, you guys! There's this guy named Mr. Hands who studies the science of human hands, and how all the muscles in the hand work! Check him out!
i had just forgotten about him, too
Sorry, Stripes.
no joke, i really wanna try dietz nuts meat nuts

they actually look pretty good
have ou guys ever tried CBT gummies
i need to think of 16 things i love to do for a class. there aren't 16 things i love to do. what do i do
Hey Stripes, I suggest you use things you only like a little too.

Do you like roller coasters? Go use that, then.

Okay, bye Stripes.
i hate roller coasters

oh well, im sure i'll figure it out. thanks tesa
You're welcome. To be honest, I hate roller coasters too.
i went upstairs, then went upstairs, then went upstairs, then went upstairs, then went upstairs, then went upstairs, but then the stairs ended and i didnt mean to go up them, and I didnt wanna look like i had messed up so i kept walking, then i kept walking, then i got to the class and passed away
so deep
man am i glad i know how to read
gay trains 🚂👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🚂❤️❤️❤️🇩🇪
thats not the gay pride flag
oops my bad i meant 🇨🇦
i took that 16 personality types test thingy, and I got ISFP-T. this is a win
You know, I haven't taken the Myers-Briggs test in a long time. I should do it again.
Got the results. Turns out I'm an INTP-T. Logician. I'm guessing this is good.
If the test was actually reliable and based in any form of psychology or science, then yes.

Given it was created by two housewives with no training of any kind, it can mean whatever you want it to, since it's about as accurate as a horoscope reading :^)
It is, but I like to believe it means something, if just a little.
i lose my shit every time i read about the viet cong because the name reminds me of donkey kong
Yay! We're going to play truth or dare now! I'm so excited! Yes! Wonderful! I'm so very happy! I can't wait! Goodbye now!
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