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If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? If bedbugs live in beds, what do cockroaches live in?

Never again.
Albert Fish Fact! Albert Fish molested, tortured and cannibalized over *400 children, but is not a fish.

*Debatably. 400 is what he confessed to.
...Secrets of Wysteria still gives me the creeps. Like, a LOT. I'm pretty sure it's about one of the victims of Albert Fish. got blocked by securly and i'm fucking pissed
What's iteroni?
JINX THE CAT 🤩😂🥰 got blocked by securly and i'm fucking pissed

Securly? We have Gaggle.
27 dead and 137 injured.
Hahahahaha!! You all are naked under your clothes. Not me! I'm wearing two shirts and two pants. Also I superglued it all together and now I shower and wash my clothes at the same time. Hahaha! Naked nerds. I'm not a naked nerd. But you guys are! Hahaha.
I wonder why people keep posting here.
Because, most everyone here is just a human embodiment of pure randomness.
Because we're 62 posts away from 1000?
made this on a whim do you like it

'Course I do.
Ooga booga
You can put whatever the fuck you want in ice pop makers.

Remember this, for it will benefit you in the future.
W_Licky said: got blocked by securly and i'm fucking pissed

Securly? We have Gaggle.


Kirby's face can go on anything
Kirby's Happy Hubcaps: by Fatty

The hubcap, ah the humble hubcap; we live in an age where not enough people appreciate the potential of those lowly chrome circles. Throughout the 20th century, the hubcap + steelie was a popular style of rim used by many kinds of motorists. A steelie is, quite simply, is a rim made of steel. It is not known for looking rather pretty, so motorists often put components called hubcaps on their rims to make them look nice.[citation needed] Kirby, like the hubcap, is also round, but is extremely cute. Kirby's cuteness is so great that it simply must be spread. Kirby's face, belongs on a hubcap.

Before the reason why Kirby’s face belongs on a hubcap shall be explained, it should be known that media and merchandise featuring Kirby’s face always sells well. Since Kirby’s debut in 1992, Hal Laboraory, Inc., the company behind Kirby, has enjoyed periods of great stock, earning as much as Nintendo.12 This is clearly and obviously a result of the increase in profits raked in because of Kirby sales. One might ask why, and the reason is that Kirby is so God dang cute.3 With this groundwork now firmly established, it should now be easier to explain why Kirby’s face belongs on a hubcap.

Throughout history, hubcaps, as depicted in quite a few pieces of media, have been seen falling off the wheels and crashing into random objects. But, what if those caps had Kirby’s face on them. Well, instead of the event of the caps falling off being just a silly accident, they can now give their victims the joy and satisfaction the former owner had.
Just think of it, you’re sitting at home playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land and eating dorito when suddenly a (Google) Chrome disk flies through your windows at 69420 kilometers per hour. You cautiously approach the silver circle, and then you do the epic victory dance because you just scored yourself some beautiful caps.

We ‘muricans seem to have this fetish for things looking aggressive
and intimidating, but sometimes there are times and places where a little cuteness and happines can’t hurt. The world of hubcaps is one of those rare times in the western world, and the reason is stupidly obvious: Kirby is so God damn cute Goddammit who the heck doesn’t want to catch Kirbo caps rolling along the road aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

What a lovely strawberry cake. I hope nothing bad happens to it
I am wearing a cool hat today. Do you have any cool hats?

What a lovely strawberry cake. I hope nothing bad happens to it

I sure hope it doesn't get stolen
I'm hungry.
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