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Yes. You still have the orange dot. This was fun while it lasted, and I bet in the new update, Blake would stick some sort of secret onto the forum. Who knows?
The dots will be gone, but we will have squares to figure out,
Unfortunately little easter eggs are less like in the future since this codebase is now shared among several sites. Sometimes I'll need it to look professional but other times even when silliness is encouraged, I need it to behave predictably. There's still so many "if (user->id == such-and-such)" joke-hacks that they're just time-bombs waiting to go off.
Wait, time bombs? There are still other secrets that we haven't found?
Time-bomb as in eventually when a user registers on another site with the same ID# they'll get the weird behavior that wasn't intended for them.
What sort of other websites use the same codebase?

sidenote- i like the new update ^-^
Soul claimed/\
Hey he must have changed the rules!
Things I've noticed;
green often apears with red.
Green and red dots and then no dots often alternate, ex:
Poster1: green and red
Poster2: Nothing
Poster3: green and red
poster 4: nothing

Anyone else see this?
Hey he must have changed the rules!

Narrator voice: he didn't.
>lemme try something
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