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About a year ago I bought a new gaming laptop, and Asus with a 1660ti and a ryzen 7 3750h, and 16 gigs of ram. Due to the recent leaps in hardware, RTX 3000, Ryzen 5000, I was wondering if I should plan to build a pc now or wait a while.
It really depends on whether your current laptop is still serving you well. If not, then you might consider it.
But then what happens in a year from now when the hardware jumps bounds again? :^)

Moore's law tells us that the time in between "next-gen" releases gets shorter and shorter as time goes on, with each generation being around 2x more powerful than the previousuntil we hit the singularity, but that's not for a little while. So realistically, if you build a new PC now, next year there will probably be even higher-end cards and accessories to use. Or maybe even less time will pass.

I mean, if you want to, go for it. But this discussion will likely pop up again another year from now, so do you want to spend your money now, or do you want to buy the even higher-end model when it inevitably comes out next year? Or the year after that? Or the year after that?

This is why I buy my computers in four-year cycles (or when they inevitably crap out, whichever happens first). I always spend the same price as I did for the previous computer, but each model is easily superior to the last, even though the price never changes.

It should be noted that I don't really push my computers that hard, I use low graphics settings and I only use them as workhorses for training neural nets, which happens only once every few months. If you frequently push your computers hard or like to have a top-of-the-line experience, I'd suggest a more frequent cycle than four years
do you have the terraflops for w tapping?!?!?!?!?!
I don't see a point in getting a new pc unless you are having performance issues with your current one.
Unless your computer is not working right there is no reason too. Also if you wait longer there will be the nvidia 4000 series and the radeon bigger navi. which will be better than ever.
The 1660 Ti still holds up fairly well for a lot of games. Right now computer stuff is expensive. I buy a new PC every 3 to 5 years. I usually put in a fairly large amount of money saved, then get something that will last. For example, a Ryzen GPU only lasts about half as long as an Intel GPU, so you can spend extra to not have to upgrade as soon.

If you don't mind sharing, you can send me your user benchmark, and I can see what hardware you have:

My main build that is a luxury is here.
I spent about 3000 on that PC, but I was willing to spend a lot, and I bought a 48in HDR 4k TV as my main desktop monitor with an old side monitor. (for some reason the benchmark only included the 2nd display 1600x800).

Here is a build I had help getting made about 6 years ago. It still performs adequately, and I could've continued using it, but since my wife wanted something to use, this one is mainly hers now. I've left it running almost non-stop now since it was created. I've discovered computers seem to last longer if you don't turn them off and on a lot, (and be sure to protect them from power surges).

I'd recommend getting a custom-built Xidax PC or making your own, as I prefer. Rather than finance anything, I'd recommend opening a money-market account with your bank, which has a higher return than regular savings, but not so many restrictions when withdrawing money. Use one for about a year, and maybe you'll have enough for a top-end PC.
I built this back in late 2020. Been doing great so far, not even considering upgrading til around 2025 when Intel 16th Gen processors and 3rd gen GPUs are projected to be out. The RAM on my machine is Oloy brand since it says unknown on there. My PC cost about $2400 to finish initially, but I've been tossing more stuff into it over time.
I think those RTX 20 series cards are the best for the price.
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