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Have the new chipset generations been release. Ryzen 5000 supports X570 and B550, but they go along with Ryzen 3000 series. I dont think there has even been a release date announced.

On another note, when will the rest of Ryzen 5000 series be released. All that has been released so far are the two Ryzen 9s and a Ryzen 5 and a Ryzen 7. There are other models of the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 that need to be released, and all of the Ryzen 3s
I don't think there will be a Ryzen 3 5300x or some sort. If the MSRP was already $120, the other 5000 chip prices increase by $100, wouldn't that make a quad core processor $220? The 5700x could be released by chance. Just imo.
Well...just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

Taiwan's United Daily News reported on TSMC's planned increases. It is about the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer. As a result, it may mean an increase in the prices of graphics cards and processors. And as a result - computers.

United Daily News reports on the possibility of a price increase of up to 25 percent. It would apply to chips, i.e. processors and graphics chips. The increase would come in late 2021.

This is related to TSMC's planned extinction of the production technology in 7 nm. Currently, most chips are made in it. Now the company wants to switch to 5nm production. However, the implementation of 3nm production is to lead to its mass use already in mid-2022.

A report by analyst firm IC Insights states that TSMC earned $1634 per wafer of silicon in 2020. For 5nm technology, that's a price tag of $17,000. And that translates into higher prices for processors and graphics cards.

It is a disaster...

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