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I have recently build a pc, and have gone with the stock amd cpu cooler. In my finite wisdom I failed to realize that the cooler would be atrociously loud (it sounds like a jet engine).

I am now looking at two different options for a replacement.
link one: First cooler option

link two Second cooler option

These coolers are pretty similar in price once you add on the heat sink over for the noctua cooler. I cannot find any specs on the Noctua cooler, but its two fan variety has a 84 cfm so dividing it out that means the one fan will be 42 cfm. The AIO is 52 cfm.

Which cooler is a better buy?

Also are there are there thing’s to know if I do get the AIO
I'd say noctua all the way. They have a good reputation, and you found the black one so it'll look nice if you have a clear side panel.
I'll second this
The noctua cooler is certainly good and should handle most cpus without issue. Noctua fans are known to be extremely quiet while being some of the best on the market for performance.

That said, the AIO will have more surface area overall to dissipate heat, allowing the fans to run slower (quieter). But there may be some noise from the pump. Not much unless there's an issue.

There's not much to know if you go with the AIO except in 6-7 years it won't perform as well due to the liquid slowly permeating and evaporating. The noctua would be good forever as long as the mounting hardware doesn't change.

For my money, the noctua is my choice for longevity. The AIO could be more useful if planning to say, overclock the cpu.
Linkify your links you fool
Ok thanks guys I was leaning towards the Noctua anyway
I'm reusing this this because it's tangentially related and the build my pc thread is still dead.

Got some Cougar fans off ebay for $15 and they came in a few days early. They installed and worked flawlessly. I was a little worried because they were only 3-pin and not four, but the exhaust fan that was already in there was 3-pin too. I should've know with this old ass case. Eh well at least it matches now.
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