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I recently got blender (recently meaning last night) and I have no idea how to use it. Like no idea at all. As in i have no idea how to understand the UI.

Im sure I could go to youtube and look up a tutorial, but i would rather get help from real people and not some content creator making mindless videos for views
I’m pretty sure those Indian guys doing YouTube tutorials are much more helpful than some random kids on an obscure cite
i mean udemy is having a sale right now.....
what is udemy
A teaching website
the blender tutorial with the donut one is great. i promise it isn't some "hey guys like and subscribe or i will come to your house and break your knees"

it's genuinely the best blender tutorial on youtube

i actually used it *once* to make an sm64 rom hack
I used to be very proficient at blender.

And then they changed the UI.

And then they changed the names of some of the transforms and functions.

I am no longer proficient and blender.
then again i don't know if it's still relevant. i haven't used it since summer of last year.
thanks so much!

I will log my progress here

I learned how to make a pillar that has a texture
That’s pretty great!
I recently switched off an Adobe CC workflow to a Blender one for animation. You use mock up the animation in 3d then overlay the shading of the models onto a more refined grease pencil layer. It greatly simplifies compositing and shading because the engine does it for you. The downside is you have to be proficient in 3d. I've been trying to save myself the $35 a month but there's still a lot of things I'm more comfortable doing in CC.