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Can I hot-glue a small naked-cell Lithium-ion battery? Is this a recipe for certain disaster, or even just likely failure?

Backstory is I had one of my wireless ear buds come apart at the seam, literally the case split in half where the two parts were sealed togther. I'm looking into options to re-glue it. I don't currently own superglue...
frankly try to hot glue the case, try not to touch the internals
It's so small I'd basically be potting all the interior into a single blob.

Come to think of it, is craft glue even going to bond to plastic and stay put in the presence of skin oils and sweat and bio-gunk??
IDK, I used super glue to fix my headphones when the left side snapped off and that stays alright so IDK
Tests are in order.
ok, let us know how it goes
The broken unit does not seem to be fully functional as I first believed. So regluing may not even be a thing. Will investigate further.

Meanwhile, I had called up customer service right away and they were nice about sending a replacement set. But, when I got the delivery, the right side doesn't turn on. The same side that broke. So now I still don't have a working pair. Calling them again on Monday...
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