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I use laptop here and the number keys at the top, and only the ones with numbers are sometimes jank.

Sometimes, they refuse to work and when it finally responds, a string of like 7 numbers comes out. Oh and the same thing for the symbols on the same keys. Sometimes, they work perfectly. Like right now. 42892938838038&^*%^*97@$67... they work perfectly, typed that instantly. But sometimes it's chaos. They must be broken, and I've been too lazy to go to the media center for help. I know I should. Yeah I should. In maybe a few more months.

Also, this never actually happens during tests which is weird but very relieving. I should get this checked before I start Geometry next semester.
Are you using windows?
There's your problem.

Windows just does that sometimes.
Great solution...
You could try plugging in an external keyboard to see if its the keys or the computer itself
This is definitely a software problem and not a hardware one. It sounds like the keybuffer getting screwed up, which happens a lot on windows.

Like I said, Windows is the problem, not much you can do.
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