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I can't find a thread about VSTs so I am making one.
Is Pro-Q 3 worth it?

I have heard of free alternatives like TDR Nova but I don't know if there it is a reason it is free
I've always loved Vital. It's a free synthesizer VST that can do pretty much anything Serum can do with some more stuff sprinkled in. Today I found out that it is 64-bit only and my copy of Mixcraft is 32-bit. Fuck. Sticking with Helm, I guess.
vital is amazing

my only qualm with it is the built in effects. I most just put a little of the built in distortion on my synth patches and then do the rest of the processing with other VSTs
hoylecake said:
Sticking with Helm, I guess.

ive never used. The website makes it look like a hybrid of phaseplant and serum
It kinda bangs. Has a few presets that should suffice but it's a far cry from shit like Vital or Serum.
is there anyway (online or otherwise) to run a VST on a chromebook? Ive been wanting to work on synth patches during my study hall and before/after school but dont know how

idk if there is some online daw that can run VSTs or something
Uhhhh. That is a fairly ridiculous question that sounds incredibly outlandish and impossible, but with the fact that WebAssembly is now letting people port entire desktop applications to the web, I wouldn't be surprised if an online DAW or two had native VST support. Look around, see if there is such a thing. If there isn't, I'd count on it being implemented in some manner in a year or two. Remember when just a year ago image-generating AIs were rinky-dinky busted-up pieces of shit? Shit changes. Too fast.
i wonder if i could port the trial version of fl studio and run vsts that way
Standalone install of chromium = entire desktop application
How does that relate to VSTs though?
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Anyways, I hate how LMMS relies on VSTs for you to do ANYTHING. It just doesn't support native VST plugins so everything has to be done from the weird looking VeSTige plugin or whatever it's called. Me no like.
what about au plugins?
Do any of you know any good free VST's?
"good" is subjective. Depends what you want

Vital synth is sick replacement for serum

Xfer OTT is the industry standard compressor (for edm music that is. not sure about other genres)

TDR Nova is a free alternative to Pro-Q 3

Spitfire labs has some really cool sounds

Melda MComb is super cool for making resonant dubstep basses
What I want is something that can make decent music on a web browser, since I'm stuck with a Chromebook. If I am in one of my classes, then I can use a Mac, so that would also be something to note
so you are looking for an online daw not a VST?

Bandlab and Soundtrap are 2 free ones
What about for Mac?
i mean i would reccomend using the same DAW between chromebook and mac so you can access your project files on both devices.

Im not sure which daws are free. I paid 200 USD for my copy of FL studio.

LMMS might be free