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Please ignore for now. There is nothing going on here. There are no significant developments happening in this corner of the forum. Nothing is happening.
This thread does not exist.

Sent with Joot: The Unofficial TCaS App
Kylljoy said:
This thread does not exist.

Sent with Joot: The Unofficial TCaS App


Update for 11/16

  • Finished Login
  • Finished "Categories" page
  • Nothing else exists; Solution: Working on it.
  • App is randomly possessed by spirit of dead child seeking revenge; Solution: Spray Bottle.
How to get Joot once complete:
  • Android: APK will be available
  • Apple: Cry. Go ahead.
This sounds very enticing, Kylijoy.
The dead child seems to think so as well. I'm working on mounting the spray bottle as we speak.
Spray bottle is very effective.
  • Automatic spray bottle shorts out phone.
What is in the spray bottle
I would imagine Joot. Why else would the app be named Joot other than to honour the expulsion of the evil ghost child via spray bottle?
Digital spray bottle?
I would presume it is a physical spray bottle, it gets downloaded onto your phone when you get the app, just like how you download more ram
KylIjoy said:

  • Android: APK will be available

Message me a link to the APK when done


  • Sub-Category Thread Listing added
  • Backend code for generating thread pages

  • Going into dead week and then finals. Development will stay in a holding pattern. Solution: Patience
  • App no longer works near frogs Solution: Research military applications for technology suppression
joot moment
Alternative solution: Research remote frog extermination techniques
ask the frogs to relocate, but use a sternly worded email to show them you mean business