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Castemoinen is a newsfeed for TC&S. It pops up on the top right of the screen on your homepage and tells you about what's going on in the website. I find myself logging onto this god-forsaken forum only to be completely overwhelmed by the fact that herflederf900000 just got crowned King Of The Weiner Sauces and that gængægogæ just beheaded blœnbœbobœ in a fight for a corndog. This fixes that.

News is user-submitted. Submissions for news articles go here. Bug reports and questions go here as well. Please submit news even though this isn't finished yet. They will still be added to the Atom feed that you can subscribe to with a feed reader. I'll report on progress in here but for now it's in very early stages of development. Code and the feed will be available online. Start writing. Thanks.

If you're going to write an article please include a title and the content itself. They should be as unbiased as possible. You will be credited by your username. Links and one (1) image are allowed.


Article guidelines


Tests have been conducted. RSS is ass. I'm just going to opt for a JSON array.
Guess who would just post an image from r/WholesomeMemes
Guess who would not get their entry added?
Alr I have news story:


i feel ridiculous i can't keep up the bit
How about this for an article:

Delicious Glizzy.
ok this sounds like a cool feature
...Please. Please be serious.
This information is relatively outdated.
The following are details pertaining to what articles are allowed and in what format they should be in. This is your friend as a writer. If reading this stresses you out or you just want to get writing then go ahead. This is not meant to be a quick reference (save for the criteria list at the bottom); the only section you really *need* to pay attention to is the format guidelines. Everything else can be figured out through common sense, and, if not that, trial and error.

Article format guidelines

Articles must have the following required elements:
  • Title
The title of your article that is the first thing readers see. It should be relevant to the article.
  • Tagline
A summary of what your article is about, sort of like what other news websites have. It should also be relevant to the article and sum it up in a single sentence.
  • Content
The actual meat of your article.

Article can have the following optional elements:
  • Image
A single image that is relevant to the article.
If you are going to write an article, it is best you do it in a consistent format. Here is one if you are unsure:

{ARTICLE IMAGE (optional)}

Article content guidelines

As a member of TC&S you are freely allowed to submit articles for Castemoinen that will appear on its widget. These articles should, ideally, be unbiased and neutral perspectives on recent events. The only constant in this, of course, is the first two words (unbiased & neutral), as well as the exhaustive list that is provided below. A news article can be more than a report (news); it can also be a review on something like a movie or album, as well as a retrospective on past events, occurrences, or general subjects. Additionally, if you have knowledge of something you are willing to share that is recently relevant, you may write about it. If a mainstream news outlet can house a post of your type, you are allowed to submit it. This does not mean Castemoinen is your personal blog.

Articles can be rejected. They will be given a reason for rejection which will be the letter C followed by a number. This corresponds to a specific guideline from the list below.

Articles pertaining to recent events follow strict guidelines and generally cover what has just occurred. It is best you write them one to three days after said incident has occurred. Any longer and they might become stale and thus fail C3: Significant.
Articles serving as a retrospective on past occurrences or ideologies should be C2: Relevant and C3: Significant enough in that it has, in the past, warranted multiple reactions or opinions from users.
Articles expressing personal opinion should be created sparingly, but are allowed so long as they are C2: Relevant. These articles should not express an opinion on a recent event. They should either discuss a general, widely-spread or recognized idea/material object, or something that has happened at least a week in the past.

Please do not refrain from adding humor to articles. Infact, please add as much as you see fit. This is not entirely serious.

Article guideline descriptions

Here is the exhaustive list of article criteria. Your article should pass all, or most (depending on the type of content it is) of these, to be accepted. This can and will change, so please look over this each time you write an article. Each article should match the following criteria:
  • C1: Unbiased. All news articles should be free of bias and completely neutral, except in situations where it is not warranted i.e. when writing a personal viewpoint on a subject. If writing on the recent inauguration of the new president, you should not describe them with words such as "amazing" and "beautiful." If, however, you are writing an opinionated article on the ethics of insurance scams, such biased words are generally acceptable.
  • C2: Relevant. They should be free of extraneous information pertaining to what is not relevant to TC&S. If I wanted to read an article about the coronation of King Charles III, I would look it up on an actual media outlet. Articles discussing recent events on the website are okay. Articles discussing things relevant to you are okay. Global, more notable things that you are not remarkably involved in should not be discussed unless it is written with the purpose of expressing your opinion on such an occurrence.
  • C3: Significant. Articles covering recent events should be events that are notable and recent enough to warrant one or more paragraphs discussing it. Discussing the exile of Kylljoy is relevant as hell, but talking about hoylecake double-posting in his own thread isn't.
  • C4: Substantive. One or two sentences about something is not going to be good enough. Write to your heart's content. State as many things as you want as long as it is at least an entire paragraph or more. There is no maximum, but there is a minimum. Lengthy articles are more likely to be accepted than short ones.
  • C5: Nonpersonal. If it's a news article, don't write about yourself. If you resign from the King Of Meerkats position in the republic you are not allowed to then write an article on what you just did.
  • F1: Relevant field. Additional fields such as the title, tagline, and image should represent what your article is about. A news article about the latest established religion should not be called "Herfy derf." It will be rejected. Don't do that.</s>

Recent, Unbiased Event Not Available

I'm sorry, since I was unable to provide you with a recent event, I can not provide a tagline.

by user64837

I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have real-time access to the internet or the ability to browse specific websites like "" My responses are generated based on the information available to me up until September 2021. Therefore, I cannot provide you with a recent, unbiased event from that specific website. If you have any other questions or need assistance with a different topic, feel free to ask!
What’s the difference between a title and a tagline
a title is what the article is about, a tagline is just anytihng really. maybe a quote or some people do

title: she was just a small town girl
tagline: but was she really living in a lonely world?
title: she took the midnight train
tagline: goin anywheeeeeeere
What’s the difference between a title and a tagline
Title: Kylljoy's ban finally lifted
Tagline: After acting under aprzn for some time, Kylljoy is able to speak again

Basically, it acts as the gist or summarization of the article or the event surrounding it. If it's not a news article, then here's another example:

Title: John Doe - Cool Album review
Tagline: John Doe returns with new 12-track LP
user64837 said:
! Recent, Unbiased Event Not Available
This is a perfect placeholder, actually.
So how do I get Catimoooiounen
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