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Alpha release will be out shortly.

Alpha is out

Suggestion: have the "the thread" link go to /new#new instead of the first page
also i really want to be able to resize the window without minimizing it because I wanna see the news without it covering up the games tab
That'll get added once I un-fuckup the CSS.
Okay, done.
  • why do the top and bottom borders grow as you increase the size?
  • can you make the scroll bar disappear when it isn't needed?
  • maybe a button that gets the current dimensions of the window and saves it locally in the browser or something so when you go back to the page or reload it doesn't reset?
  • There are no borders. I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Done.
  • I'll work on that tomorrow.
  • the dark gray on top and bottom. It seems to stay proportional in size to the main section. Shouldnt the height of the top and bottom border/padding or whatever stay static?
Yes. I will also work on that tomorrow.
Could you bring it down a little, it obscures the username tag, and makes the quick pfp editor impossible to click on
Or you could just... minimize it? Due to the way CSS resizing works, it being in the top right is kind of the only way I can make this work without having to write extra code (which I don't want to do).
Gasp! Our custodian doesn’t want to code
Oh, code I would like to do, but when I am required to write code that is not of immediate concern and serves to accomplish a single, niche purpose using far-too-complicated means, I tend to, like, not want to do it. No flak to Bronco, of course. It's just that I'd rather work on the more pressing, functionality-based issues first rather than anything directly UX related. I can make a hotfix temporarily but it'll mess up resizing.
So wait, how do we write an article? Do we do it here or is there a separate thread that isn't so convoluted?
Write it here.
Let's test the image feature

A Simple Test

For Castemoinen
by Bronco

My pup gets through his terror of thunderstorms with help from his emotional support kitten
Reddit Post
And dogger
Would y’all be interested in articles about cool stuff happening in the pharmaceutical industry?
Is it okay if it’s more encyclopedic than news? Or is that a line to tread
I'm probably illiterate. Where does the name come from?
Is it okay if it’s more encyclopedic than news? Or is that a line to tread
That's okay, this isn't just for news. It can extend to other things aswell.
I'm probably illiterate. Where does the name come from?
Nothing. Made-up word.
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