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Peeing in a bottle of bleach will also make chlorine gas. I believe if you throw a bottle of root killer in a fire, it'll turn it green. You can make a bomb if you use........

....Actually, it's probably for the best that I don't teach high schoolers how to make weapons. Publicly, at least.

Maybe I'll start a DM thread for those interested, though

This thread has gotten very far off topic from what I wanted it to be originally.
i am very much interested
Count me in, I'm interested in chemistry experiments
I'm all in
Back on track for what this thread was supposed to be, I'm starting work on a hardware interface for VST plugins (kinda like a guitar pedal)
That’s cool
ooh home chem thread? count me in
Less home chem, probably more along the lines of "Stupidly Dangerous DIY Experiments"
even better ;)
has anyone here made a cathode ray tube out of household items?
No. It requires a vacuum tube an electron gun. I have no idea where you'd get the latter, and you'd have a hard time with the former. Vacuum tubes are dangerous
how are vacuum tubes dangerous?
The sheer amount of electricity that resides within one.
how are vacuum tubes dangerous?

They implode and spray glass everywhere if you're not careful.
that makes sense
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