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Create threads in this category to coordinate larger scale images with others.

Using a Google Spreadsheet is a fairly common way to share images with coordinates. You can make a copy of this template to get started and put it in the first post of your thread.
I'm drawing Madeline next to Dawn if you want to help
Make a thread!
If you're working on a large project, take regular screenshots of it (or right click and save-as)

If someone mass-defaces something, send me the original screenshot and I can restore it.

That said, artistically augmenting things is okay. Slightly modifying other works to get things to mesh with new artwork is okay. Creating new artwork over random scribbles and stray pixels is okay. But please your own judgement. People work hard on (some) things. If you add a solid color tile that says something crude over existing artwork, please be aware that you erased hours of someone's time and I have to clean it up and that does not make me very happy.

The following behaviors can result in a ban:
  • Defacing things
  • Nudity, especially ADDING nudity to things.
  • Writing slurs
  • Anything that makes me sad. get the idea. Use your own judgement. This is still TwoCans. Posting things in Tokoro that would get you banned elsewhere on the site will have a very predictable outcome.
Who messed up "Powerhouse of the Cell!!!" and who put two lines over the amoeba?
*checks grainy convenience store security camera from across the street*

It was skeepskorp. Skeepskorp did it.
I do hope it was mutually found in good fun that I made the soup can say POOP for about an hour
i fixed it lol
after some time someone else changed tomato to potato so i just roll with that now
I think I know who could have done that.
i can forgive them lol
should we just do this as a trend where we change the soup's flavor every once in a while
It doesn't have to be soup. I made it salt. Potato flavored salt.
So you made potato chips?
No, those would be salty potatoes. I made potatoey salt.
pringles without the chips
it's literally the equivalent of lays now
But why, why would you do that?
for ghits & shiggles obviously
So over at (10000,10000) near licky's signature, ive started tiling the amongus there. if you want to help, go ahead.

also if that was your amongus and you want me to clear that off, just give me a holler
I finally had some time to check out what you were doing near my signature's other end and I'm a fan of it. Also added some extra pixels to my line.
Someone is removing the eyes on all the artwork. I have noticed this happening since last night. I figured someone else would report it (I don't have any artwork with eyes so I thought I'd let someone else) but it's continued to now, and I guess either a) no one has reported this so I am doing that right now, b) they have and it's being dealt with, c) no one cares or d) removing eyes is fair game.
Oh, wow, you're right. Everything that had eyes no longer has them, from what I see.

Edit: Except, oddly enough, the Forsen-related stuff and Pepe. Those seem to have been skipped over.
I sent a message in the Telegram to Blake
e-bag said:
Edit: Except, oddly enough, the Forsen-related stuff and Pepe. Those seem to have been skipped over.

we've been attacked 4 times and then they just quit
Oh, neat. Good job defending your eyes.
Could you help fix the other ones?
Man, that's a pain. Haunter had shading and everything.
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