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Bronco said it meant "by the way" in japanese but that doesn't exactly make sense.

It doesn't mean anything that makes sense in mandarin, either.
"Tokoro" (所) by itself with no context means "place"

"Tokoro de" (所で) means "by the way"

It's used in a lot of expressions and is one of those Japanese quirks that chapters can be written about.
(所以) means so.

(所) by itself probably means something too but I'm garbage at mandarin so I couldn't tell you.
所 (tokoro) means "place" in Japanese (and Chinese I'm pretty sure.) This is probably a reference to Reddit's r/place.
Not necroposting (not 5 pages back. Only a few months ago.)

Tokoro in Chinese means nothing to me. Suoyi means so, and I understood when I heard it. I have never heard suo used in all my life speaking and understand Mandarin, so I don't think anyone uses that for "place." I always just say place as difang.

(again, I'm too lazy to put the tonal marks)
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