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I've seen wonderful artwork from the video game Celeste, with characters Madeline, PICO8!Madeline, Badeline, and Granny's bird. I've created a spreadsheet so that people could draft other Celeste characters or items to add to the collection!

I've added Theo's blueprint to the sheet and anyone can contribute their ideas [here].

Side note: I'm also working on a strawberry!
I am making Lani from Celeste 2: Lani's Track for Pico-8
Strawberry: Added

I also made a trans flag in between the two versions of Madeline cause why not?
I'm starting work on coloring Theo, however my Chromebook is being weird and making pixels appear empty, so I'm going to continue later during second period when I use the Mac's there
Should we add a Canadian flag somewhere around the Celeste area?
Go for it. Hopefully it won't be as difficult as it was in r/place xD
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