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gonna make a tribute to america's favorite soup at 394, -41
campbell's soup!
trust me it'll be funny
finished the frame for the soup
1 step down, ℵ0 more to go.
finished coloring the top of the soup
2 down, still ℵ0 to go
TIL you can actually place 2 pixels at once via tapping rapidly w/ touchscreen
time it right and it'll work lol
quadruple efficiency with alts & funny glitch
thanks to whoever colored in the rest of the soup can!
3 steps down, ℵ0st step finally reached
finished the flavor of the soup & the gold lining at the bottom
i'm taking a couple of creative liberites here
Potatoey salt.
evolution of soup (will probably be updated):
soup (tomato flavor), OG
poop (tomato flavor)
OG soup
soup (potato flavor)
salt (potato flavor)
soup (potato flavor)
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