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At (0,0), there should be something grand, with the center pixel being a certain color.
Just the two cans logo, maybe. But I think there's already art at 0,0.
Yeep. Trains flag.
We can just move the flag.

I think we should make a larger heart with the center at (0, 0).
What colour? Yellow and blue? Pink, blue, and white? A simple red?
Do you think you could go for a real heart?

You can go over the trans flag; I'm already moving it slightly southeast.
Actually, I have an idea that is truly glorious and grand, much moreso than a heart.
Coloring each quadrant a different color?
Nope, but that is a nice idea. Do what you want, I'm not smart. I meant Missouri.
it looks like a political compass
oh pff haha

So what is your idea?
Missouri is an idea that may be rejected.
And you're right, it'll probably be rejected because that's really Missouri-centric.
Yeah, it's bloody stupid anyway. I'll get out of your hair. You can make whatever, it's not really my business.
Are you the one making the different quadrant colors?
Me? No.
Oh, who's doing it?
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