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I miss Holly. I hope he's alright. I am pretty sure I saw him online a couple of minutes ago, but as expected, it was a false alarm.


It's a terrible feeling. I can't help but feel like I've betrayed you all. It's been two weeks now and I've always gotten so close to leaving the website completely, but something keeps taking me back. I don't know what, and I don't know why it happens, but here I am. This is only temporary and I won't stay long. I've been rude and manipulative to everyone around me, and most likely I'll go to the grave with that still on my conscious. But let's not self-loathe. I can whine in my blog. Look.

I don't want to miss this event. Missing anything makes it feel like it left a hole in my heart. It's one of the things I have the strongest reactions to because I hate missing out. Therefore, I'd rather reluctantly participate than regret worrying all of you further.

I don't care where this goes. I just want to let everyone know that I want to place a mural of my logo and mascot (the cat ears to the right (they don't like them, but I sure as hell tried)) on this grid of pixels. It can be anywhere. I'd like it to be somewhere near you all. I can agree on a starting position and start work when I'm available. I hope the short amount of time I get to place this (as I'm sure it's already almost over) will be well spent, and I also hope that I can help quell any fears you might have. I'm not back, but I just want to see how things are going because I miss y'all, and I feel like this would be a good way to remember what happened with me here.

So, let's get started I suppose. Again -- anywhere goes. I don't mind. I can agree on a position, but I'd rather have me decide on a starting point with a group of other people rather than a single person. Maybe then we can agree on a middle ground. I will refrain from speaking meaningful sentences, because I don't want this to seem like I'm back on the site. I've read what some of you have said and, jesus christ, I haven't felt heartbreak this bad in years.

I really hope we can work something out. If not, that's okay. I'll address some of my thoughts in my blog, but for now how about we focus about tiny squares on big rectangles, yeah?
You do not know how damn GIDDY I am to see you. I am sorry to make you feel sad.

There are many occupied spaces, and many spaces far away from (0, 0). If I may suggest a position, than my idea would be (390, 240).
Seems to be in the middle of nowhere. I think I'd prefer somewhere near other people, like I stated previously. I understand if that might be difficult or impossible, but please try regardless. I just don't want to be isolated (metaphorically and literally), that's all.
Oh, my bad. I will try to find somewhere less secluded, if it helps.

Edit: (336, 69) seems to be a nice spot. What is your opinion? I apologize if it is not good enough.
i am so happy
I dont have my Chromebook so I cant help
From what I see right now, it is finished. Is this correct, or is some extra detail needed?
Oh. Oh, wow. I... never saw your message about the new coordinates. I like it! I really do. The position is perfect. I'll keep it there if anything bad happens. Thank you all so very much.
I am glad that you like it. If someone makes an attempt to destroy it or if unintentional pixels are placed there, I will be there to fix it.
Nice to have you back
Who are you
I just got here
An extremely cool guy.
Oh ok ok

forgive me for not knowing you hoyle
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