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I started making the Kansas City Royals logo at the exact same time as someone else started making Heeho (had to google to find out what that is). Consequently, the bottom of the Royals logo prevented the person from completing his hat. It was just an unfortunate coincidence that we started drawing at the same time, and I appreciated the person not intruding on my drawing (unlike whoever completely drew over my recreation of my avatar.....)

I've got some free time tonight before the Royals game starts (8:40pm CDT!) and I am going to move the logo to the right where there is some empty space.

So this is a notice to the person who made the Heeho- you will be able to complete his hat!
I will help with this.
It is complete. Now, will we move on to removing the previous emblem?
Yep, thanks!
I am turning the remnants of the Royals emblem into a German flag.
Sounds good!
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