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What do y'all think of the recent movement towards outing major public figures as guilty of sexual assault and rape? Do you think that some of these accusations are false, or are you inclined to always believe them? What do you think of the way the accusers/accused tend to be treated?
I suspect some are true and some are false.

I really don't like the public outing of someone who has not yet gone to trial. Even if they are acquitted, the public will generally be thinking "sex offender" for the rest of their life.

It's a very difficult area. At present, I suspect it is far to easy for a false accusation to be used as an attempt to gain a large payout or notoriety, or to deliberately discredit someone. On the other hand, the victims have a right to justice. The question is how best to provide justice for all. I think stricter rules on pre-trial publicity would be a step in the right direction.
I pretty much agree, but what would those rules look like? There are already anti-libel/anti-slander laws.
Publicly posting the names of people who have been accused of crimes is actually a legal requirement in most cases. This is a protection for the accused - trials must be public to protect the right to a fair trial, and names are publicly posted to prevent the government from having the power to "disappear" people on the weight of an accusation without notifying anyone of the person's whereabouts.
I've never wanted to go to law school more than I have in the last two days watching this hearing.
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