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I’m sure every American here has seen the truth campaign ads. I’ve got some mixed feelings about them. Some of things they claim as fact aren’t exactly. Some of the things they claim as fact are indeed fact, but also aren’t exactly a bad thing. For instance the “7k chemicals” thing. That’s true of combusting any biomatter. Pyrolysis (aka incomplete combustion) is basically the breaking down of organic compounds at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. That happens every time you burn anything. That’s essentially what smoke is. The difference that makes it way worse than being around a campfire is the frequency at which it’s inhaled and the density of the smoke. You’re inhaling very dense smoke that has little time to mix with the surrounding air.

On another note, the FDA is pushing for stricter regulations on vaping with a special focus on flavors. I honestly think that is a decent idea.

The other thing that bothers me with vaping is that it’s still going through the same route of administration as smoking. It’s inhaled. The behavior of vaping is practically the same as smoking a cigarette, but some people don’t feel any inhibitions toward vaping indoors. People also seem to hit their vapes at a faster rate than anyone smokes cigarettes. Vaping also seems just as much of a chance game as to how much nicotine per inhale you will absorb. There’s no standard vape model (there are standard cigarettes, that’s what “class A” means, granted nicotine concentration and absorption per inhale is still uncertain). On the other hand though, the solutions put into vapes contains only nicotine. Tobacco contains chemicals called harmala alkaloids, which are drugs called reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Reversible MAOIs were the holy grail of antidepressants for a while in the past before other, safer ones were invented. There’s not conclusive research from what I can find, but I would wager that that contributes to why some people say they feel less addicted to vaping than they do to smoking cigarettes.

I figure there’s gonna be mostly agreement between everyone who posts, but dangit, someone dissent or play devil’s advocate, please. That stuff is important. You’ll probably come up with ideas I haven’t even thought of looking into. Hell, you don’t even have to make a big post.

To be frank on my own opinion of vaping, I just won’t do it. I’m trying to get off nicotine altogether.

Smoking is just obviously bad for you, in case anyone was wondering.
I know that alot of people at my school vape. Everyday, I realise some other person does it too. They're all idiots. Their excuse : 'ciggars are worse.'
Of course their worse. But that dosn't make vape healthy. Your still damaging your blood stream and your brain (and your criminal record). I've seen vape deals happen over my head. That the principal already knows about. Because those two idiots just got off of a week long suspention for smoking. Worse: their parents could care less. No one's telling them why vape is bad. The health class videos are streight from the 80's. The scientsests "don't know much about the long terms affect of vape and other electronic smoking devises." So that's why it happens.
...could care less.

*couldn't care less.

It's a pet peeve of mine, sorry.
Relevant xkcd!
Are you saying there is non-relevant XKCD?

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