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Where can we find good war footage and lots of it? Don’t say liveleak. They tried redesigning their website and tons of videos were lost and channels deleted in the process. I used to be able to get a good idea of how the 2017 battle for raqqa was played out. One video that stuck out to me was YPG soldiers fighting through buildings. I can’t find it anymore. I used to be able to find really good videos of the battle of Grozny in the first Chechen War, but I can’t anymore. I used to be able to find good footage of the second Chechen ‘war’, but no longer. False flag Illuminati! No, not really. But for real, this is stuff I actually like to watch, and not out of sick curiosity. If anyone knows where to find this stuff, let me know.

Also, while we’re at it, why not discuss the value of letting the public easily find war footage. I find that it allows you to get a better idea of how battles played out. Reading about casualties and who advanced where and who seized what just doesn’t cut it when you’ve seen videos of men actually crying over their comrade’s body. Frankly I think all war footage should be accessible to the public. Mostly because I can’t see any reason why not. Anyone wanna give me some reasons?
Because if people saw what war is actually like, they might start some kind of movement opposing it.
And why would the Government want to do that?

But yeah, it should be made public. Some people may feel that they don't want their children's deaths to be shown to the world, but it's a necessary evil to do to stop future deaths.
1) Is all war inherently unjust? I will agree that there have been definetly unjust wars. I will also say I think the world is a better place for Nazi Germany owning most of Europe. Making the public of some countries unwilling to fight in that war would not have served the common good.
2) I would think that extensive and easily available recent war footage would provide information to the opposition?

Just trying to play a little devil's advocate
You guys war footage doesn’t usually come out during the wars. It does, but in sparse packets. A law about this stuff would be stupid. The ‘war footage’ that comes out during wars usually is just cell phone uploads from some insurgent. Think about how I mentioned the battle of Grozny. Think about how long ago that was. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to let that available to the public?

But yeah think about how long ago that was. This is for historical information. No one, no one is ever gonna stop war from happening. Make a different thread for that.
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