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I thought I’d bring up an interesting one, or at least one that I find interesting. How do we all feel about gambling? Is it legal where you’re from? If not legal, then how illegal are we talking (fines and sentencing)? From the lottery to casinos. Where I’m from, all gambling is legal, except non-lottery gambling outside of casinos is only ... quasi-legal. You know, shooting dice. Both drinking (in some casinos, drinks are free) and smoking are legal in casinos here. Louisiana allows gambling in anchored river boats over the Mississippi and limits the number of licenses to 15. All licenses are currently taken. Louisiana has limited the number of land based casinos to 1 and that one is currently in New Orleans. There are numerous “video poker” and “video casinos” at gas stations and corner stores all throughout the state but only in parishes where such is legal. (Parish is the equivalent of counties here, but I refuse to say ‘county’). We also have live racing facilities.

I find this to be a good thing. Along with normal tourism in Louisiana, casinos bring in many other tourists for the drinking, the escorts, and really just the fun of going to a big and fancy casino. The “video casinos” in smaller areas help those businesses and they serve as congregating areas. I don’t think we can make an argument for gambling causing businesses to lose money, because seriously, go to a casino. Maybe I’m bad at gambling, but it is hard to get much money from what you play. The only thing Louisiana needs, insofar as gambling, is better help for people with “gambling addictions”.

So let’s take a gamble on this thread and see where it goes. If it goes. Sometimes Usually gambling doesn’t go the way you want it to.
Gamblin's bad Mkay.

From a maths standpoint, casino games (bar cards I suppose) are all stacked against you: probabilistically, you will never on average win long term at any game, no matter your strategy.

On a personal level, I realised at age 19 that I should not gamble because it will become a problem.

I also worked at a dive bar where I saw pretty crippling addiction normally. I once got a $100 tip from a person who won the $900 Jackpot; which would be great if they hadn't taken out over $1,200 over the course of the evening. Gambling is not pretty.
In MI any decent size city usually has its own casino. This town here in the UP called Christmas is tiny but there's a casino with a giant Santa out front. Every casino I've seen has been owned solely by native americans and has names like 'Soaring Eagle', 'Little River', and 'Firekeeper.' I think it has something to do with land reparations? Most gas stations here have dozens of scratch-off tickets, then there's usually a powerball scanner next to them on the counter.
The one time I gambled at a casino; I went in, bought an overpriced martini, lost $15 on digital blackjack, then left. I didn't really get the appeal at all. Getting scratch-off in a holiday card is enjoyable, but I don't see how people buy them habitually.
Anybody look into Elliot Rodgers and how he spent hundreds on mega millions/powerball on several occasions? Like how do you not learn from the first couple losses?
Someone told me once, the best way to gamble is to bet as lowly and infrequently as possible, and every time a hostess asks you if you'd like another refill on your soda, say yes.
(They won't offer if you're not betting enough.)
I don’t think we can make an argument for gambling causing businesses to lose money, because seriously, go to a casino. Maybe I’m bad at gambling, but it is hard to get much money from what you play.
This seems like a backwards argument. If businesses are making money on gambling, people are losing it. A business is not inherently something we should care about the success or failure of, it's a mechanism for producing something of value and allowing employees to make a living. Instead of producing any real value, casinos increase crime, bankruptcies, and suicides around them and drive actual productive businesses out by drawing people away from things like restaurants. Gambling in general also functions as a regressive tax on the poor and middle class. It's basically the business of turning people's desperation and addiction into profit for people already rich enough to own a casino.
I mean, you can lower the stakes enough that it becomes more of a legitimate form of entertainment but at that point it starts looking more like an arcade than a casino.

A lot of casinos are on reservations because tribes are basically considered independent states. They're federally regulated but the state governments have little power over them (The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act formalized the rules a bit but basically leaves it so that the only way to stop reservation casinos is to ban all gambling in the state). It's not really reparations, though; there's a lot of ways the weird designation screws over anyone living on tribal lands, and the benefits from casinos tend to be siphoned away pretty heavily by outside parties.
Yeah that’s what I said. Customers are losing money, not the business. And yeah, if it’s the only place to get gas and bandages and things like that for miles on a drive you make routinely (I’m holding out hope for a video casino on a road I like), I think you’d be stupid not to care about it’s success. Everything bad you’ve described is the same as selling people drugs. You know, just like alcohol, not everyone who wants to do it is addicted. And sure, but you can’t drink and smoke inside of an arcade. Casinos are places people go to have fun - they’re not just crack houses for gambling addicts. That’s what you seem to think they are.
Alcohol, drugs, and gambling should all be regulated much differently than they currently are. I have no problem with people using them for entertainment but nobody should be able to profit off the suffering of addicts.
Rereading, I think I conflated some of the stuff you were saying about video casinos with full-blown casinos. Still, if a necessary service can't stay in business without a subsidy, I'd rather it get a direct one than through gambling.
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