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To a lot of people, this thread may seem like a joke. Especially the magick part. But it's something I believe, not in the harry potter way but in a real way. Feel Free to ask questions, or share knowledge. Just don't be a dick.
Is magick different from magic? Like, one is real and one is fake? Or is it just different spelling?
What kind of magic do you do?
azerty: magic is like pulling rabbits out of hats and whatnot
magick is the real deal
grayseff: personally I do a lot of divination, like pendulums and stuff. But everyone practices different things. Like the witch who runs a store I love is really into herbs.
Just stay away from Goetia and stay away from too much Crowley and you’re fine.

Who got two thumbs and don’t give a damn how crazy he look? What’s happenin’
I was gonna ask if you were a witch. Are you a witch, Antimony?
Just remember we can't trust your answer. You'll have to be thrown in the lake.
I’ll turn you into a newt faster than you can say Ni!
Why do you believe magick is real?
Because I believe that there is energy in the world that connects us and it must be possible for us to interact with it. Also because I've seen tangible results from it.
^You should read about “magick” how aleister crowley described it. You could probably google “magick and Thelema”. That’s name of the religion (sort of a religion) that he started. It’s because of him that we have any distinction between “magic” and “magick”. You might also look up Three Books of Occult Philosophy. You gonna mess up your mind if you keep getting tangible results. “Magick” is all based on using your will to manipulate the world around you and that depends on how much belief or importance you put into it and a large belief or importance -even recognition or observation of it- put into this stuff makes you more susceptible to what you’ll hear called “spiritual attack” (silly phrase but whatever, we’re talking about freaking magic) and that’s no good. I’m not saying stop believing in it ‘cause if you’re at this point, I don’t think you’re gonna be able to stop believing in it. I’m more saying, just, don’t snort magick, yo. That shit’s no good. It’s only gonna hurt you one way or another. And definitely don’t cook it with baking soda and smoke it either. Don’t lick it, don’t gum it, don’t snort it, don’t smoke it, don’t shoot it.
You mentioned divination. Can you give examples of results you've gotten that couldn't be explained by non-magick?
Talk about Magick on a forum full of skeptics?

*Grabs popcorn*

This'll be interesting
I mean, the two main responders so far have been Christian unless Hydrogen's gone through a deconversion I wasn't aware of.
I’m certain hydrogen is faithful. I also am curious to know more about this user and their beliefs in magick. I can tell you more about hermeticism if you want to know the roots of magick. And at this point I’m only gonna talking about magick as what Crowley talked about.

Stay away from it all
Personally, I don't believe that magick will be forever unexplained by science and do believe wholeheartedly in science. I just think that what we consider magick has not yet been explained and may be explained in the future.
The thing with magick and science is that science in general needs to be definable and reproducible. You used the term energy, and in a normal context that makes some kinda sense, but in a physics context, having an ever present energy needs a lot of explaining, especially when that energy can presumably interact with the real world. Questions arise like how does the Magick field interact with electromagnetic fields? Are there magick particles? Are they bosons or fermions? Do we need a law of conservation of magick? Things like if pyromancy is real, magick clearly interacts with the real world and produces a shitload of kinetic energy that can't really just come from nowhere.

Edit: Not asking these questions, just trying to give you a sense of why consistency is important.
Magick is real, beyond science, beyond reasoning. It is the stuff of what you would call demons.
Christians, witches, and demons, oh my.

It’s amazing to me that these are still serious topics in the modern world.

Also this:
Paimon said:
Magick is real, beyond science, beyond reasoning. It is the stuff of what you would call demons.

... is comedy material.
I’ll turn you into a newt faster than you can say Ni!

Lmao my sister loves that film
Welcome Paimon, dibs on your soul.

(Seems remarkably appropriate here! :D)
i very much regret starting this
That's the magic of the internet!
i very much regret starting this
Why? I actually find paganism rather interesting and neopaganism as well. I haven’t denied the exist of anything here. The first things that got me interested in it were taking a medicine derived from valerian root. That got me interested in herbalism; being 12 and having internet, that led to me being interested in neopaganism and paganism. I wrote an essay on a poem in a book from my school’s library called Hymn to Diana about the beauty of nature and the influence of the moon on the tides and about Diana. I’m a Christian and think magic isn’t great, I could go way more into that, but it makes sense I like a thread about it given my interests. So what made you interested in it?

Honestly though you’re not gonna find much neopaganism here. There may be at least two hermetics in the q&a.
I don't know how I first got into magick but I think I was just always interested and then once I knew the name to give it, it just slipped into place. Why don't you like magick?
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