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This is a forum for anyone who practices paganism, wicca, or witchcraft, or is just curious about it, because the only other forum topic I could find on the subject had been dead for over two years.

Here's a little thing I wrote earlier trying to explain the differences between the three, but please feel free to add on or correct me, as I by no means know everything:

I'm a pagan witch (not Wiccan) but I do believe in the power of harnessing the energies of nature & oneself to use to make changes (which some people do call magick) and I also believe in reincarnation. paganism & Wicca are really complicated and a lot of people have opinions so it can get really confusing, but what separates Wicca from Paganism is primarily belief in the Wiccan rede (if it harms none, do what you will) and the Threefold law (whatever energy you put out into the world will be returned to you threefold) which is kind of like karma. Some Pagans and Wiccans worship/ work with deities (I do) but many don't, or don't work with a specific one primarily (like a matron/ patron deity). Some Pagans and Wiccans follow the Wheel of the Year (again, I do) but like working with deities, it's all very much up to the individual, which is what I love about Paganism.

The practise of witchcraft is completely different. While Paganism and Wicca are religions/ spiritual paths, anyone can practice witchcraft. I've gotten to know a few atheist witches and Christian witches as well as Pagan and Wiccan witches. It all depends on what you believe like I know some Christians don't believe that one can be Christian and practice witchcraft, but Christian witches do exist. Witches don't have to work with a deity (although many do) or have an altar, and some don't even use physical objects or tools, they prefer working with intentions & meditation. Many witches also specialise in specific areas, like tarot, astrology, herb magick, crystal magick, sigil magick, voodoo (no, it's not evil and it is rarely used on other people, especially without consent) or something else entirely (there's A LOT, and I don't know them all). Some witches keep a Book of Shadows or grimoire to write down notes, others prefer to live in the moment. Witchcraft isn't a religion, so there's a lot of nuances.

Personally, I have a hidden altar, I work with one deity, and I try to keep a BoS, although it's hard to remember to update it because I have a horrible memory. I identify as an eclectic witch, which means I practise all sorts of different things, including sigil magick, intention magick, voodoo, and a little astrology, but I'm open to whatever and I want to expand more.
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